I know it's been awhile since I wrote a post (though I have conversed with many of you in other forms). I just wanted to stop by and play a quick catch up.

First off, a HUGE thank you to so many of you who participated in Noah's RACK that I talked about here . We were so overwhelmed at the emails, messages and even cards we received in the mail of acts of kindness that many of you did in Noah's memory. We enjoyed sitting down and opening up his stocking to read of so many of you who took the time to pay it forward and bless someone else. Thank you again for participating! I think this will be a yearly thing we do in Noah's memory for Christmas. We also received some Christmas cards addressed specifically to Noah which we loved. Though there was one card who didn't have a signature, so whoever sent that card, thank you!

After my last post here , I was blessed at how many of you who contacted me to offer support and prayers. I enjoyed chatting with many of you. Thank you so much for that, it meant a lot. And thank you to many of you who lifted us up in prayer, even though you didn't know details. We truly appreciated it! God provided for us in many ways again the last 2 months.... from meals, to an anonymous card/generous gift card, emails and calls of encouragement and support, etc. I know I may not have been able to thank everyone directly, but please know you blessed our family during this trying time and we truly appreciated everything!

In addition to have been going through a trial these last few months, we have also been faced with some harassment on top of it all. I know I've had a few people in the past who have stalked my blog from real life and caused some minor issues. But lately, we've been dealing with a lot of harassment and problems being caused by some of my husbands family that it has now come down to a matter of my family's safety which is why I haven't been posting here or sharing details recently. Somehow they found my blog and have caused us a lot of problems from the things I share here. It pains my heart as this has been such a great source of healing for me after all we've been through, as well as a ministry to others walking this same path. I am not at all intimidated by those who have caused us problems because I know that in due time, God will handle things accordingly (but we pray for them & encourage others to do so as well). But in the mean time, I have my family to protect and can't be as public right now as I used to be unfortunately. I am working on trying to figure out some security measures to put in place here so that I can share details and get back to posting for my regular followers and at the same time, keep those who wish to due us harm from reading my posts. 

I don't want to completely close my blog and go to the private world as I feel very strongly that God wants Noah's story and our testimony to be out there so we can minister and support others who have lost a child or who have gotten a fatal pregnancy diagnosis (if I go private, no one looking for support would find my blog). I continue to receive posts or emails from women looking for a listening ear or support, please pray for these dear families. 

So for now,  please feel free to contact me via the button on the right, or leave a comment here or your email address & I will get back to you. Hopefully I can soon get back to regular posting as I do miss it & I have had lots to share!

My strength is made perfect in weakness. 

2 Corinthians 12:9