What a Beautiful Preview to Spring!

Today's weather has simply been amazing! We hit 64 degrees with a light, warm breeze. I had a meal planned for after church but due to the nice weather, everyone asked if we could light up our fire pit and roast hot dogs for lunch. So that is what we did! (at least I now have tomorrow's meal planned!) Roasting hot dogs over the fire reminded us of our upcoming camping season!

When Your 4 Year Old Asks to Bake Cupcakes. . .

. . . You let her!!

The other evening Olivia said that she wanted to make cupcakes because she never gets to bake like her big sisters do. So I said that she could the following day. Of course the first words out of her mouth the next morning was "can I go bake now?" haha

Money Saving Monday-Preserving Produce & Homemade Oatmeal Packets

This week I want to share 2 tips for the kitchen that can help save you money. There are seriously TONS of kitchen tips I could give you but not to overwhelm this post, I'll share 2 I've used just this last week again.

Have you ever noticed when you buy produce, especially things like berries or grapes, they can get moldy pretty quickly? I don't know about you but I hate wasting food. The other week I got a huge basket (half a bushel) of grapes marked down for only $2.70!! Of course there were a few we had to throw out but for that price, it's no big deal. That's why they were marked down so darn cheap.

Once we got home, the kids sat down to sort out the grapes & pull them off the stems. From there, I filled one side of my sink with cold water (after cleaning it good with my homemade cleaner.) Then I added some vinegar to the water.

Why you may ask?

Gone Too Soon. . .

I just came across this song. It is SO fitting!!

Not a day goes by Noah that I don't think of you!!!