Italian Veggie Soup

 I love making this over summer because all the veggies this recipe calls for can come fresh from my garden. It's also a warming soup for those cold winter days. This soup freezes well so I will often make a huge batch to have some for a meal, leftovers for lunch and several containers to put in the freezer.

Sugar Cookie Fruit Cup

Have you ever had a fruit pizza? If you have, this is a similar recipe with a twist. If you haven't, let me briefly explain a fruit pizza.

You take a sugar cookie dough (either homemade or store bought), spread it on a greased cookie sheet or pizza pan, bake it, then top with this yummy "icing" (recipe found below). After that, dice up whatever fruit you desire on top of that. Slice then serve! Super easy!

I wanted to kick up this recipe a notch, so I decided to try & make dessert cups from the dough.

Learning to Read Made Easy- Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs is a very thorough program for teaching reading & comprehension to young kids. In the past, we've used their free trial to try out the program. My children have always enjoyed how easy it was to use and I loved how fast they picked up what they learned. Recently, we had a chance to review their 6 month online subscription. They also offer a 12 month subscription as well.

National Pregnancy and Infant Death Awareness Day

The month of October is recognized all over for being Breast Cancer Awareness month but many people unfortunately don't know that it is also Pregnancy & Infant Death Awareness month as well. Yes, I realize most places call it pregnancy & infant loss awareness month but if you ask many moms, we prefer the word death rather than loss. We didn't lose our child, they died.

Brinkman Adventures - Review

I remember as a child listening to a radio station in the evenings and hearing Christian audio dramas. Of course this was long before DVD's and the internet! Imagine my surprise to find out audio dramas are still being made today. I admit, we really haven't ever used them much in our homeschooling because I have some hearing impaired children who find it hard to simply listen to audio without being able to read lips. But I recently was introduced to Brinkman Adventures that some of my other children listened to. I had actually never heard of them before since we always shied away from audio dramas. We were given Brinkman Adventures Season 4 to recently review.

My First Letters Workbook - Review

My younger children often want to "do school" like their older siblings so I try to find things they can work on while the older kids are working on their school work. My 4 year old has really been trying to practice writing letters lately so she was excited to receive My First Letters. This workbook comes from Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Worksheets, which is just one of several workbooks from this company and fellow mom who founded it.

Super Teacher Worksheet Review

While we have our typical curriculum we use daily, sometimes it's nice to have some extra supplemental help to work on cementing in new ideas. In years past, I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet looking for printable worksheets. This can be time consuming and also not turn up exactly what I had needed. We were recently introduce to Super Teacher Worksheets, a website with a plethora of printouts to use in our daily homeschool! We specifically used their Individual Membership plan.


I'm not sure when or how I tripped across this song a year or so ago but it left me in tears. The beginning of the song mentions about a baby being taken from his mother while she prays for healing that doesn't come. It goes on to speak about us being held by the only one who can hold us as everything falls around us and reminds us that we can still survive.

It sums up a lot of my life since Noah died.

I was and am still held, and by God's grace, I'm still surviving.