Learning to Read Made Easy- Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs is a very thorough program for teaching reading & comprehension to young kids. In the past, we've used their free trial to try out the program. My children have always enjoyed how easy it was to use and I loved how fast they picked up what they learned. Recently, we had a chance to review their 6 month online subscription. They also offer a 12 month subscription as well.

Reading Eggs is a multi-age program that teaches reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. They offer 3 tiers for a variety of ages. There is:

  • Reading Eggs Junior - ages 2-4
  • Reading Eggs - ages 3-7
  • Reading Eggspress - ages 7-13

They even offer a math program called Mathseeds for ages 3-9. Reading Eggs has recently changed some things from the last time we had used it. One of the biggest changes is that they are trying to make their program even more user friendly for homeschooling families. They added a Homeschool Program Guide for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. This takes the guess work out of knowing what to do when. We used the Grade 1 guide. It covers Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The guides are found under the bonus section on the main page.

We focused on using Reading Eggs for my 4 and 6  year old. A placement test is used to know where exactly to place your child at. I like this because since each child is at different levels when starting, it ensures your child doesn't get bored learning things they already know or start too far advanced. If you don't feel the test places them at the correct level, you can manually adjust this. There is even a 36 page parents guide that thoroughly explains how to use and implement the program. It shows you all the different aspects, which quite honestly, there are a lot! It is impossible for me to cover them all especially since we used mainly just one section ourselves.

Another neat bonus tool is the free download worksheets that you can print out. There are homeschool worksheets as well as coloring pages that correlate with each lesson. These come in handy to help reinforce what they just learned online. My girls love doing worksheets as much as they enjoy online work so we often printed out one of the homeschool worksheets for them to complete.

There are so many other bonus areas. A place where the student can play games but in order to do this, they have to redeem golden eggs that they earn for completing each lesson. This is a unique reward system. My daughters enjoyed seeing how many eggs they collected and figuring out how they wanted to "spend" them. There is also a room to click on songs to listen to, and a reading library with over 2,000 books that you can search for based on age. The books are even narrated for struggling readers.

There are so  many ways to use this program which makes it great to be able to tailor it to each family. Reading Eggs is also offering a FREE 4 week trial so why not take advantage of this offer to check it out and see if this would be a good fit for your child. Even if you don't homeschool, this is a great way to reinforce at home what they are learning at school!

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