International bereaved mother’s day

Many don't know that Mother’s Day was actually created in honor of a bereaved mother. Anna Jarvis founded the official Mother’s Day in 1908 to honor her own mother, Ann. Ann Jarvis gave birth to around a dozen children but only 4 survived to grow into adults. The meaning of this day has become lost because of the commercialization that so often happens, so Carly Marie set aside this day to especially remember bereaved moms.


GREEMU- A Vegan Alternative to Emu Oil

Last year I had the chance to try Emu Oil which we really enjoyed. Recently, I had the chance to review a similar product called GREEMU made by Devonian, which is also distributed by the same makers of Emu oil, Koru Naturals.

YWAM Heroes of History: Billy Graham America's Pastor

We enjoy including biographies as part of our homeschooling. Recently, my son had the chance to read and review Heroes of History:Billy Graham America's Pastor as well as the accompanying Digital Unit Study from YWAM Publishing.
YWAM, Billy Graham

Stuffed Crescent Roll Breakfast Pockets

I love playing around with and tweaking breakfast foods. In fact, we enjoy having breakfast for supper which is when I came up with this simple yet delicious recipe.

stuffed crescent roll breakfast pocket

Foundations Level A- Logic of English

My preschooler has really taken off with her love of learning this year so when Logic of English offered us their Foundations Level A to review, I knew this would be something Olivia would want to try out.

Introducing. . .

. . . our 8th precious child. . .

Demme Learning's Math-u-See

Many of you are familiar with Demme Learning's Math-U-See program but did you know that they now came out with their Digital Packs? We recently had the chance to review their Geometry Digital Pack.

Making Maple Syrup

Back in January, I shared how we were given a Maple Sugaring Kit from Tap My Trees. At that time, we were collecting the sap but hadn't had a chance to turn it into maple syrup yet as you need a LOT of sap just to produce a bit of syrup.

Finally a few weeks ago, we had collected approximately 5-6 gallons of sap so we started the process of boiling it down.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken Wraps

Admit it, I had you at bacon, eh? Ha! This is such an easy recipe but boy does it ever taste SO good! I was looking for a new way to make chicken tenders and came up with this. If you just have chicken breasts, those will work as well. You can just cut them up till they are smaller in size like the tenderloin part of the chicken breast.

A Unique Children's Bible! -Zonderkidz

Erik was recently given the chance to review  Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz. What caught his attention is that this Bible has a Lego theme to it! Lego's are one of his favorite activities and what better way to incorporate an older child's interest with the Bible.

What a Beautiful Preview to Spring!

Today's weather has simply been amazing! We hit 64 degrees with a light, warm breeze. I had a meal planned for after church but due to the nice weather, everyone asked if we could light up our fire pit and roast hot dogs for lunch. So that is what we did! (at least I now have tomorrow's meal planned!) Roasting hot dogs over the fire reminded us of our upcoming camping season!

When Your 4 Year Old Asks to Bake Cupcakes. . .

. . . You let her!!

The other evening Olivia said that she wanted to make cupcakes because she never gets to bake like her big sisters do. So I said that she could the following day. Of course the first words out of her mouth the next morning was "can I go bake now?" haha