Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yet Another School Year

So I am a week late posting this, what else is new! Even though we started our homeschooling year earlier in August, last Tuesday was the kids first day back to co-op. The kids were excited to go back, mainly to see their friends!

This year is a bittersweet year for me. If Noah were still here, he would be starting kindergarten. I admit I really broke down before co-op started. The realization that this is yet another major milestone we are missing out on really brought me to my knees. When your child dies, you not only miss them every day for the rest of your life, you are also left to face all the missed milestones, unfulfilled dreams and plans you had for that child. And this is NOT easy!

I am thankful for the friends that acknowledged this painful missed milestone with their notes, texts and prayers.

Of course, a first day back to co-op isn't complete without a 1st day photo. Since we homeschool, this is the closest we get to "first day photos" that everyone else posts and shares on social media.

Without further ado, we have:

2- 10th graders (say WHAT!)
a 9th grader
a 7th grader
a would-be Kindergartner who is already full of knowledge in Heaven
a pre-K4
and a goofy toddler full of life!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Dessert

Ahh 'tis the season of peaches right now! I was lucky to stumble across a deal of 1/2 a bushel of peaches for just $2.70 yesterday. Of course I knew I had to make a warm dessert using them and since some in our family are gluten free, I set out to make the entire dessert gluten free. Of course a warm cobbler is not complete without vanilla ice cream so I dug out our ice cream maker and made a batch of vanilla ice cream to serve alongside the warm cobbler.

This recipe was a hit in our family and one I am sure we will make many times over!

Using a glass 9x9 pan, fill with enough peaches (approximately 10-14)
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 brown sugar
3/4 tsp cinnamon
sprinkle with xanthan gum (about 1/2 tsp, I didn't measure) or use 1 tsp cornstarch

3/4 cup sugar
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1 large egg
1 cup gluten free baking flour
1/2 cup butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350. For the filling, slice up the peaches and mix the other ingredients with the peaches in the baking dish.

For the topping, in a separate dish, mix together the sugar, cinnamon, egg & GF baking flour until it forms crumbs. If it seems extra dry, add a smidgen of water to help form clumps. Sprinkle this over the peaches. Take the melted butter and evenly drizzle over the topping. Bake for about 40 minutes or until golden brown and bubbling.

I actually made double this amount in a 9x13 pan but I didn't quite double the sugar in both the filling & topping. I honestly didn't measure most of my seasonings as I rarely do but this is a good estimate. Feel free to adjust to your tastes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Horizons Preschool Curriculum

It's hard to believe my precious Olivia is of preschool age already and really itching to "do school" like her older siblings. I never did a formal preschool program with my other children but I recently had the chance to review Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set from Alpha Omega Publications (AOP).

I have used early elementary math curriculum in the past from AOP and we enjoyed it so we were excited to see just what their Preschool Curriculum entailed. When first opening the package, I was overwhelmed at the amount of curriculum that we received! What all was included was:

-2 student books (over 300 pages each!)
-2 teacher manuals (again, over 300 pages each!)
-large loose leaf packet of resource materials and lesson resources (286 pages)
-an audio CD of 17 songs

click on photos to enlarge

The 2 student notebooks contain 180 lessons worth of workbooks pages that are on perforated pages that can be torn out. Many of the pages are printed in bright, full color and involve activities such as tracing, coloring and cutting just to name a few.

The 2 teachers manuals spell out a ton of activities that can be completed each day. I will state that it was obviously from the beginning as I looked over the curriculum, that this set seems to be geared towards a Christian preschool moreso than a single child homeschool. That doesn't mean it can't be used in a homeschool setting, it's just that there are a few things you would need to adapt and do a little differently.

An excerpt from the teachers manual (click on to enlarge)

The teachers manual lists a schedule for each day based on whether you do a full day of preschool or a half day. Either way, there are SO many activities to complete there was just no way we could do them all  but this gave us variety and plenty to choose from and the ability to switch it up. Each day varied the generic types of topics covered. Some of these involved:

  • Bible Lesson
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Colors
  • Story Time
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Gym
  • Homework
  • Music
  • Memory Verse
  • Health & Safety
The neat thing is within each lesson, the different topics all connected and flowed between each other. The curriculum is broken down into 5 days of lessons each week. On days 1, 3 & 5, new concepts are presented with days 2 & 4 being review days. This worked out well for us to just do 3 lessons a week as I didn't want to overwhelm my daughter. Each day detailed what workbooks pages to have the student complete as well as what lesson resource pages to have ready to accompany the lesson. 

During the review period, my daughter worked on learning her letters and tracing them (though this was a review for her as she is already writing most of her alphabet) as well as counting, learning shapes & numbers, matching objects, etc.

The resource packet came in loose pages. Many of these cards would be great to laminate to use as flash cards for the student. I wanted to keep them all organized so I 3 hole punched the pages and put them in a binder. I would've liked a tab to separate the resource material and lesson resources so I stuck a sticky tab between the 2 to make it easier to find. Sometimes when lessons called for a certain page, it was hard to find and would've been made easier if the teacher manual had included a page number to locate the page faster.

A few pages from the lesson resource pages

How we used it:

Because there is just SO much material to cover, I picked things out each day that I knew my daughter would enjoy. We read the Bible lesson and then worked on a few activities, making sure we did each lesson student workbook pages as that was important to her. Sometimes we referenced the extra resource pages but it all depended on what it was covering as some of the lessons were more review for her.

Olivia working on a lesson (notice she already knows how to write her name!)

I really did appreciate how the teachers manual had SO much laid out for you in the beginning. It stated which songs you would use with each lesson, several pages worth of reading book suggestions as well as a list of supplies needed for each week. Also listed at a glance was the memory verse for each week and the lyrics to all the songs on the CD.

This preschool program is well thought out and has exceptionally detailed lesson plans as well as prep plans. It more than enough for a homeschool preschooler and would be full of plans for a traditional brick and mortar preschool program!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to Homeschool- Preparing for the New School Year

Whether you are new to homeschooling or have been at it for several years, you will have to take time to plan for your upcoming school year. Usually as I am winding down our school year, I already have an idea of what I plan to do for the following year.

I start out making a list of subjects I want to cover with each child. (Your state may have guidelines as to what each grade needs to cover so that is a good place to start if you are unsure). Once I know what subjects we want to work on, I then list the specific curriculum I want to use for each subject. If I am unsure of what curriculum I want to use, I ask others homeschooling moms who have kids older than mine what they have used or would recommend. I also check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew for curriculum ideas.

Once I have figured out what curricula I want to use for all my children, I then start scouring the web for the best prices. Granted, some of the curriculum I already own and just pass it down from one child to another but other things (like consumable workbooks) I have to buy. It's a good idea to do this process earlier in the summer so you have time to look around for deals. I first reference an online curriculum store so I know what the books cost brand new as I obviously don't want to pay more for a used book than it would cost brand new. Then I typically check out Amazon's used books, ebay & Homeschool Classifieds to see what deals I can find. I admit it feels like Christmas morning as all the curriculum starts rolling in!

Once I have the curriculum in my hands, I take a look to see if there is already a schedule laid out for the year (my most favorite curriculums do this which in my opinion, saves me a TON of work!) If there isn't a schedule included, I try to figure out how much to cover each week to complete it all by the end of the year. Some homeschoolers plan out in detail their entire year but I don't. I plan in detail week by week that way it allows wiggle room when life happens and we need to make schedule adjustments.

In addition to preparing curriculum, I also get school supplies for each child. Usually by mid-summer, most stores have all their back-to-school products out. I highly recommend stocking up at this time because if you run out of something later in the school year, you end up paying a higher price for it. Some things we typically purchase each year are:
  • 1 subject notebooks (they usually average $.17-$.25 each so I get a big stack) 
  • glue sticks and some liquid glue
  • pencils
  • crayons/colored pencils
  • scissors (as some seem to go missing from our previous year)
  • staples
  • tape
What are some ways YOU prepare for your new school year?

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to Homeschool Upcoming Blog Hop!

Where in the WORLD has summer gone? I can't believe we are well into August already. For me, August means that we are almost to the end of warm weather and that it's time to start school. It also means that it's our annual Back to Homeschool Blog Hop that I've participated in the last few years. So stop back and check out all the great posts everyone will be sharing this coming week!

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Mark your calendars - 10 to 14 August - it's time for this years Homeschool Blog Hop. The Schoolhouse Review Crew will be joining forces with Homeschool Connections to bring you a week full of back to school encouragement.

We have 55 homeschool Mom's sharing their combined wisdom and insights covering everything Homeschool related. That's 275 posts of encouragement and information just for you!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tips on Freezing Corn

It's that time of year that keeps me busy with canning and freezing. It takes a bit of time to do this but in the middle of winter, it tastes so good to eat food knowing it came from my garden or the farm stand!

Tips For Freezing Corn

Since many of you many be freezing corn soon, I thought I'd share some of my tips & tricks to make the job a little easier. Many hands makes the job easier so the kids and I work as a team to get this done. They work on husking the corn outside while I prep the kitchen for blanching, cutting & bagging the corn.

They didn't want their photo taken since they were in PJ's (lol) but they are set up in the shade of the garage with garbage bags to husk right into and listening to a radio blasting some music!

For those who have never froze corn, once you husk the corn you will need to blanch it which is simply dropping the ears of corn into boiling water for about 3 minutes. From there, you want to put the corn into cold water to stop the cooking process. Then you cut off the corn and put it into freezer bags (I use quart size). That's it!!!

This is a photo of my set up. (click on it to enlarge) It looks confusing but I actually have a good system down so I can multitask. Another tip, because corn cobs are heavy, use the plastic grocery store bags to gather empty cobs rather than using a huge trash bag (the bag will be too heavy to lift otherwise).

Here's my tip for making it easier to cut the corn off:

If you own an angel food cake pan, this is just the center piece that I put in the bottom of my bowl. It holds the ear of corn in place making it quick to simultaneously cut & turn the ear of corn. It also holds it above all the corn.

My other handy tip is on cooling the corn. You can start off with cold water, even adding ice to it but after a few dozen ears of corn, the water heats up quickly. I drop ice packs in the water to keep it colder longer and just rotate them out with other ones I have in the freezer as they start thawing.

Just a photo of some of the bags of corn ready to go in the deep freezer.

And that's about it! It truly is easy to freeze corn! Do you freeze corn? Feel free to share in the comments if you have any tips!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

UnLock Pre-Alebra

Teaching elementary math over the years was no big deal. Fast forward to middle school & high school and well, I needed to brush up on my math to be able to help the kids out. But with several children close in age, there isn't always enough of my math skills to go around so I looked for math curriculum that could do the teaching FOR me. We recently had the chance to review UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math.

What is it?

UnLock Pre-Algebra is a complete online homeschool math course taught by Alesia Blackwood, a former math teacher and fellow homeschool mom. We have used other math curriculum's in the past that use a video to teach but we have to say that the way Alesia teaches has been by far the most engaging, easy to understand teacher we've worked with for math! You don't just hear her voice for the lessons but you actually see her as she demonstrates problems on a white board! She does all the work for you in not only teaching pre-algebra in a way that makes sense, but lesson plans are already laid out and the grading & record keeping is taken care of for you right online. I LOVE curriculum that makes my busy life simpler.

There are 16 units with each unit containing a variety of lessons & quizzes as well as a midterm quiz and final exam.

How does it work?

Once the student logs in, they are brought to their dashboard that shows the list of lessons (and which ones they've completed), their average grade, a link to check out their gradebook as well as progress report. If you aren't sure how long your child should take on each lesson/unit, there is a pacing guide that you can download that tells you approximately how many days they should spend on each. I felt this was a great idea and lets me know if my son was on target or needed some extra help.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Once the student clicks on which unit they are on, it takes them into a page that lists all the lessons for that unit and shows which ones they have complete. Upon selecting the next lesson, they are set to begin that days lessons which starts out with a warm up session of 5 math problems. Once those are complete, they move on to watch the math video. Alesia teaches each concept in small, easy to understand pieces so it isn't overwhelming. The videos vary in length, from what I've seen 3-10 minutes each.

After the video, the student then completes about 10 practice problems that goes over what they just learned in this lesson. These problems are automatically graded. If the student needs more practice, the program automatically generates new problems for them to complete (how cool is that!!) The other awesome feature that I adore about this program is the fact that after the student completes the practice problems, they can they get an explanation on each problem which especially comes in handy if they got one wrong. Many other programs just show the student WHAT they got wrong and not WHY it was wrong and how to do it correctly. I think this is huge in helping a student understand the concepts.

Next the student moves onto the stay sharp section which reviews concepts they learned about in previous lessons. This helps them retain what they have already learned.

UnLock Pre-Algebra

Finally they end with the challenge yourself section which is a way to earn extra credit. To wrap it all up, you then have the ability to print out the reference notes for the lesson. The notes go over what they learned in the lesson as well as new vocabulary they might have learned. If you print this off, it would be best to put them in a notebook so your child could reference them in future lessons if they need help with something they previously learned.

As if this curriculum in itself isn't already great, their customer support deserves a huge mention as well. You can have a wonderful program but if you find yourself needing help, where can you turn to? Let's just say Matthew (Alesia's husband) is wonderful to communicate with by email and even though we (so far) haven't needed Alesia's help, he has assured us if at any point we need help, Alesia is there for us through either email or phone support! That to me speaks volumes knowing I have a math teacher ready to step in if we need the extra support.

Our thoughts?

UnLock Pre-Algebra is a well thought out online math program that covers everything I would want in a math curriculum. My son typically would've waited another year before starting pre-algebra but because of how well this program dissected the concepts, he plans to complete the program this year for his math curriculum. He averaged completing 1 lesson a day during the review period. I would love to see Alesia eventually role out other levels in math down the road!

If this program sounds like something that would work with your family, feel free to use this link to save $50 on purchasing UnLock Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

"You Wouldn't Cry For Me Today"

This song hits home for me right now and I imagine Noah hugging me as he whispers these words in my ear. I am thankful he is experiencing the joys of Heaven but man, we miss him big time here!!! There is no way to describe the hole in my heart and the tears that continue to fall as we reflect on the last 5yrs without our son/brother.

"You Wouldn't Cry for Me Today"

All you saw was pain
All you saw was rain
But you should see me now
Moments filled with tears
Lasted all those years
Disappeared somehow
You never said goodbye
On your knees you cry
You're still asking why, but

Blue has never been bluer
True has never been truer
Honey never tasted so sweet
There's a song in the breeze
A million voices in praise
A rose has never smelled redder
The sun has never been brighter
If I could find the right words to say
If you could look at my face
If you could just see this place
You wouldn't cry for me today

What you think you see
Isn't really me
I'm already home
You've got to lay it down
'Cause Jesus holds me now
And I am not alone
Your faith is wearing thin
But I am watching Him
And He's holding you too, and


What may seem like years will just be a moment
Oh, the day will come when I'll show you where you're going
I can't wait to show you that


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Refrigerator Dill Pickles (aka Claussen Copycat Recipe)

I've been picking cucumbers from my garden for about 6 weeks now. While I typically can a variety of pickles (spicy bread & butter, dill, old bay pickles, etc) I also like making some refrigerator pickles that we can enjoy almost immediately.

In fact, this is *the* go to refrigerator pickle recipe! If you are a fan of the expensive Claussen Pickles, well, save your money and try this out. They taste just like their regular garlic recipe. The pickles are so crisp and full of flavor. Best of all, you don't have to go through the work of canning them. Simply make the brine, let them sit 3 days and boom, you've got a gallon of delicious pickles that I guarantee you'll be eating day & night. (please tell me I'm not the only one who eats them for breakfast or a late night snack!)

You'll need:

1 gallon of cucumbers (not sure how many this equates as I have a gallon container I go by.)
1/3 cup minced dry onion
6 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 Tbsp mustard seeds
6 heads of fresh dill (I've just used fresh dill from the garden or store as I rarely have heads to use).
1 1/2 quarts of water
2 cups apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup canning salt

Slice cucumbers into spears. Boil liquids and seasonings to dissolve then cool. Pour over pickles then let sit 3 days, tossing them occasionally. Then refrigerate.

Printable Recipe

Claussen Dill Refrigerator Pickle Recipe

They keep for a LONG time I am told but they don't last long in our house. Even my littles scarf them up! If you aren't using homegrown cucumbers, don't use the waxed kind from the store. They won't give you the same result.


Let's face it, cursive handwriting is a dying art anymore. Despite that, I still teach my children cursive, even if they don't continue to use it, I want them to be able to read it. We've used many approaches to teaching cursive over the years so we were excited to try out a totally new concept using the CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic.

Cursive Logic

The workbook is a 96 page, consumable spiral bound workbook that contains both the teaching instructions for the parent to instruct as well as the student pages. There are even 3 laminated pages in the back where the student can keep practicing their work while reusing it again and again.

Their approach to teaching cursive is unlike anything I have ever come across. In fact though, their innovative approach makes complete sense. They teach the letters by shape and not in alphabetical order. There is also a verbal task analysis that helps the student learn verbally how to write each letter shape. In addition, the different letter shapes are grouped by color & shape, all while helping the student to group the same shaped letters together.

From CursiveLogic's Website:

"Letters grouped by shape ― Four foundational shapes underlie the entire lowercase alphabet. Rather than teaching the letters alphabetically, CursiveLogic groups the lowercase alphabet into four groups based on the shape of the initial stroke of the letters and teaches all of the similarly-shaped letters in a single lesson.  Letters are also taught in a specific order that reinforces the pattern.  By teaching all of the similar letters together, CursiveLogic captures the natural synergy of the alphabet itself, allowing each letter in the series to reinforce the proper formation of all the others.

Letter strings ― CursiveLogic captures the flow of cursive by teaching all of the similarly shaped letters in a connected string rather than as individual letters. CursiveLogic’s letter strings teach students to connect letters from the first lesson, allowing students to internalize the flow of cursive handwriting even before they have learned all 26 letters.

CursiveLogic also uses visual and auditory cues to reinforce the shape patterns:

Theme colors — Each shape string has a color—orange ovals, lime loops, silver swings, and mauve mounds—that reinforces the formation of the basic common shape.

Verbal task analysis — Students learn a simple, rhythmical chant that describes the path of the writing instrument as the letter shapes are formed.  The process of verbally describing a motor task while performing it aids the acquisition of new motor skills."

The main focus of the book is to teach lower case letters but they do touch on forming each capital letter. There is no set schedule as to how to go through this book. I had my son who was new to cursive writing work on one page a day. I was amazed at how quickly he was picking up the skills since he never had previous instruction in cursive. He found the instructions easy to follow and actually enjoyed practicing his writing every day. I felt he picked up on cursive using this method quicker than my older children did in a different way that I had taught them.

CursiveLogic is afforable at only $29!

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

In Honor of Noah's 5th Birthday. . .

It's hard to believe how quickly Noah's 5th birthday is approaching (July 13th). I know I've been suppressing my grief to a degree and am in denial that we are rapidly approaching another milestone without my son though I'm sure it is all going to crash in on me soon enough. It always does.

The cake I made for Noah's 1st Birthday

He's turning 5.

He should be starting homeschool Kindergarten this fall.

He would probably be writing his name by now.

I could've signed him up to finally play fall soccer.

And so much more, the list is endless.

In honor of Noah's birthday, I would love to remember YOUR child(ren) that have died. I want to write their names on a sky lantern that we will release the week of Noah's birthday (13th) and home-going (14th).

I will take a picture of each child's name as I write it and put it together in a video montage that I plan to later share here. All you have to do is go fill out their name on this form.

Secondly, I can't tell you how much it means to see Noah's name written out or have it spoken out loud! It truly is a priceless gift to all of us! I have a name album for Noah that we started several years ago that many have contributed photos to. I would love for you to take a minute and send us a photo of Noah's name that I can add to his album. You can directly post it on Treasuring Life's Blessings wall and I will put it in his album or message it to me through my page there. (you can also drop me a note here and I can give you an email address to send the photo to).

We covet your thoughts and prayers as we enter the upcoming time of reflection on Noah's brief but miraculous life, celebrating all that he is while mourning that he isn't in our arms.

Please feel free to share this post so I can remember as many babies as possible and thank you for participating!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Visiting my BFF in Alabama!

Since I've started this blog over 5 years ago, I have been blessed to come to know some dear women who came across my blog for many personal reasons and contacted me via my contact button. We went on to email and really connect deeply. We are talking women from all over the US and other countries, it seriously blows my mind! Several of these gals I've even had the privilege to meet in person not just once but several times.

One of these friends is my dear "sister" Ashlee whom I just had the chance to spend time with again for the 3rd time recently. She lives in Alabama and with me in Pennsylvania, well, there is no way to do a day trip unfortunately via driving so we have to rely on flying. She came across my blog several years ago, we emailed for quite awhile then started texting every day. She has a son who is exactly 4 weeks younger than Ava so we got to walk with each other during our pregnancies.

Ava & I finally flew down to meet and stay with her in February of 2014. It was so great to be able to finally meet and talk face to face!

Then this past Christmas, I won a contest that gave Ashlee a plane ticket to fly up and stay with us! This was her first time flying and being this far north.

I had some air miles to use and wanted to fly down to see her before Ava turned 2 (since she was able to fly free) so we flew down to stay with Ashlee this past May.

Because we had a 5:40am flight, Ava and I went and stayed at a hotel near the airport the night before. Here she is enjoying a cookie before going to bed,

Headed to her house after flying into Pensacola, Florida

When we got to their home, Ashlee had a Mickey & Minnie balloon for each of them to play with. They spent SO much time batting them around and those suckers were still standing when we left!

Outside water fun and eating a snack!

 Because the weather was warmer this visit, we even went and spent the day at the beach. It was my first time being in the gulf (and she is SO lucky to only live an hour from the beach!)

The sign says Florida to the left & Mississippi to the right. Bottom left pic is Ava chilling and eating a snack while CJ on the right is passed out asleep!

I also got to experience my first Frogmore stew and I was in LOVE!!!! For those wondering what it is, it's a crawfish, shrimp, sausage, potato & corn boil (meaning everything is cooked together in one big pot with this kicking seasoning). The seafood was caught fresh THE DAY we had it, amazing! I had never had such fresh seafood before (nor had I ever tried crawfish before). I hope to try my hand at making this sometime as I know my kids would enjoy it.

I also had grits for the first time as well and promptly came home and bought some to make for my kids.

Sitting in the wagon together and a cart at Target. A funny story, Ava NEVER took a pacifier before but when she saw CJ with one, she had to steel one of his to use while we were there, silly girl!

Ava loves wrestling with her sister so she had to do so with CJ. And they enjoyed playing with the Kindle together.

Because both their 2nd birthdays were coming up and they wouldn't get to celebrate together, we tried to do a birthday photo of them together. CJ's party theme is Mickey Mouse so we borrowed his party ears though it was hard to get them to both grin together at the same time (ironically I ended up making Ava a Minnie Mouse cake for her birthday!)

I love this girl and just wished we lived closer together!!

There was only one restaurant in the Pensacola airport and after finding out our flight was delayed, I ordered some fries and thanks to the free wi-fi, I was able to tap into our home tv (through a special app I have) and pulled up Disney to entertain her. The bottom photo was an EMS truck waiting for a patient to exit the flight I was waiting for in Tennessee.

Our flight didn't land till around midnight and we finally pulled into home at 2am. We had a wonderful trip and can't wait to spend time again with Ashlee & CJ!!

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