Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway

My children all love to color, paint and do crafts. A few years ago, we were introduced to a company called The Pencil Grip, Inc.. They have this awesome product called Kwik Stix that my children absolutely love. Recently we tried out Thin Stix Creativity Pack.

Unique Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools - Review

I think many of us over the years have seen our share of gospel tracts. Whether it's one someone handed to you or have seen in displayed in stores, tucked into door handles, etc. Personally, the ones I have seen aren't engaging and I imagine wouldn't make a non-believe eager to check it out, let alone capture a child's attention. I was recently introduced to Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from Let the Little Children Come. Let me tell you, my children and I were quite impressed!

Learning to Read Made Easy- Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs is a very thorough program for teaching reading & comprehension to young kids. In the past, we've used their free trial to try out the program. My children have always enjoyed how easy it was to use and I loved how fast they picked up what they learned. Recently, we had a chance to review their 6 month online subscription. They also offer a 12 month subscription as well.

Brinkman Adventures - Review

I remember as a child listening to a radio station in the evenings and hearing Christian audio dramas. Of course this was long before DVD's and the internet! Imagine my surprise to find out audio dramas are still being made today. I admit, we really haven't ever used them much in our homeschooling because I have some hearing impaired children who find it hard to simply listen to audio without being able to read lips. But I recently was introduced to Brinkman Adventures that some of my other children listened to. I had actually never heard of them before since we always shied away from audio dramas. We were given Brinkman Adventures Season 4 to recently review.

My First Letters Workbook - Review

My younger children often want to "do school" like their older siblings so I try to find things they can work on while the older kids are working on their school work. My 4 year old has really been trying to practice writing letters lately so she was excited to receive My First Letters. This workbook comes from Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Worksheets, which is just one of several workbooks from this company and fellow mom who founded it.

Super Teacher Worksheet Review

While we have our typical curriculum we use daily, sometimes it's nice to have some extra supplemental help to work on cementing in new ideas. In years past, I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet looking for printable worksheets. This can be time consuming and also not turn up exactly what I had needed. We were recently introduce to Super Teacher Worksheets, a website with a plethora of printouts to use in our daily homeschool! We specifically used their Individual Membership plan.

Let's Go Geography - Review

Now that I am starting over with teaching elementary age in our homeschool again, it's amazing to me how many new resources are out there compared to when I first started homeschooling 13 years ago. I was recently introduced to Let's Go Geography. They offer a neat and in depth homeschool and co-op program that spans a total of 3 years. We were given access to their first year of their geography program.

Unauthorized Game Review

One of our favorite things to use for homeschooling are games. We love to change the routine up and break out different games for learning. We had previously been introduced to Chara Games and when their newest game, Unauthorized came out, we had a chance to try it out.

If You Were Me. . . -Review

I love building up our library of children's book with new and exciting stories. I had never heard of the author Carole P. Roman until recently when we had a chance to review several of her children's books. We reviewed If You Were Me and Lived on. . .MarsIf You Were Me and Lived in. . . RussiaIf You Were Me and Lived in. . .MexicoIf You Were Me and Lived in. . .Peru.

Progeny Press The Silver Chair - Review

Progeny Press is definitely a well known resource in our house. They are one of our favorite literature guides to use. The offer a wide variety of study guides for all ages. We were recently given The Silver Chair E-Guide.

Halloween Tract - Review

It's hard to believe fall is around the corner. With that, there is Halloween and fall celebrations coming up. Along with the many fall festivals, are times of handing out goodies to kids. What if you were able to not only give kids a special treat but be able to share with them the special news about Jesus all at the same time? That is where Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract comes in. This unique Halloween tract is from Let the Little Children Come.

No Longer a Slave

This song has been a great reminder to me that I am no longer a slave to fear (or a slave to others). God has said that I am to fear not, for he is going to turn things around and bless me in the presence of my enemies and has reminded me to hold onto my faith. Faith ALWAYS overcomes fear! 
I AM a child of God!
Psalm 7, Psalm 27, Psalm 31, Psalm 34, Psalm 52