Kayla Jarmon Book Review

We are always open to checking out new books. We recently were given 3 digital books from author Kayla Jarmon. She is a mom, grandmother and a former homeschooling mom turned author.

The 3 books we received were A Boy and His Dog, Don't Forget Me, and Dying is Part of this World. The books are available both in print, Kindle edition and the way we received it, as a PDF file flip book. The author is working on making audio files of the books as well and hopes to soon have them ready. 2 of the 3 books are part of a Discussion Series.

We mainly read over Don't Forget Me. This book covers a baby en utero from conception until it's born, talking to God. The baby wonders what it's going through and is often asking God about each step. The baby learns to recognize its mom & dads voices it hears and God keeps reminding the baby that He is with the child. The end of the book comes about when the baby is born and the parents are thanking God for the baby. It was a very basic book and it was worded in simple terms and nothing that any child, even a young one, wouldn't understand. It could be used as a way to introduce a young child to a new sibling that is on the way.

The book A Boy and His Dog, is a cute whimsical book about what a day looks like with a young boy that spends his day with the dog. It covers their many adventures from playing tug of war, playing in the leaves, sharing a snack and getting muddy together. The illustrations are colorful and it's a cute story that you could see happening with any young boy with a dog!

The 3rd book is also another book in her Discussion Series. This book is written in conversation tone between a child a their papa about being afraid of the child's mom dying. The author addresses the hard topic of death and dying. After each chapter, there are a list of questions to be able to help engage your child in talking. The questions also review what was talked about in the previous chapter. The book shares how we don't need to fear death, and it also discusses Heaven and hell.

The books all are engaging and are great conversation starters for your children!

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}

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