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My son enjoys working on the computer, gaming and problem solving. I try to balance his interests in gaming and computers in healthy ways and encourage him to use his love of technology for learning and growing. He recently had a chance to try out one of the Computer Programming Courses from CodeWizardsHQ.  While they offer classes to anyone in grades 5-10, they also have a class for homeschoolers.

CodeWizardsHQ is a unique program in that they teach a live class with only 6-8 students. By keeping the class size small, the teacher is able to work more closely with each student. The classes are one hour long and last 12 weeks. The benefit of using a live class verses one that is self paced, is that you have a teacher who can not only show you what to do through power point type of presentation, but you can ask questions and get immediate answers as well as interact with your peers. If your child is in public school, no problem, they offer evening class hours.

It was easy to get set up for this class. We just had to make sure we had all the computer qualifications as well as a headset with a mic (which we already had). We used chrome as our browser. Making sure to have a reliable internet access is also important. What I appreciate about this class is that there was nothing to download to access the class. We simply had to log in and that was it! A quiet area is also a good idea so the rest of the class isn't hearing your animals or the rest of the kids running around! ha

A screen shot from during the class

This was a last minute review and a one time course so my son wasn't aware until the day before that he was going to be taking it. He wasn't thrilled about it when I briefly explained what the course was about. He takes a live online math class with a teacher so he is familiar with how an online class works and already had a headset with a mic attached. After about 15 minutes into the hour class, he was like wow, this is really cool! By the time he was done with the class, he said he really enjoyed it and could see doing that in the future!

The teacher was great and engaged the students from the beginning and did a great job getting the students to talk. He also was quick to answer questions and help the students with their coding. Because the world of coding is not something I typically deal with (have only done some with my blog), I wasn't entirely understanding of all he was having my son do in the class.

I appreciate that this class doesn't teach them about programming but walks them through step by step in how to do it. This includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. The assignment they had the class do was make a comic strip and from what I understand, they typically have the students design something that is relevant to them (not some boring website page).

If you have to miss a class, they are recorded and can be played back.

For a video demonstration, check this out!

They offer over 9 semesters of classes and have a tiered approach to their teaching. If your child has already had some coding experience, they can place in an advanced class. But no experience is required to start this course.

CodeQizardsHQ also offers a 6 month intership with a non-profit after the course has been completed!

This is what the back end of the coding that Erik did

This is what Erik's comic strip looked like on the front end one he had it coded correctly

With the way technology is today, learning to code can be a valuable skill to gain knowledge of. And for something like this, having a live teacher is the way to go. CodeWizardsHQ would be a great way to learn coding in the comfort of your own home. They also offer a special homeschooling rate for enrolling more than one student, this would include having several students from a co-op as well.

Check them out at:

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ Reviews}

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