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My children love learning about specific people in regards to history and enjoy reading their biographies. YWAM Publishing has some awesome books from their Heroes of History series. They also have another series Christian Heroes: Then & Now. So we had to decide what book and study guide we wanted to review which was a hard choice as there are so many amazing people to read about between both series. I knew Erik would be the one to work on this as he enjoys history, so I gave him the chance to look over the books and pick which one he wanted to read. He chose Heroes of History - Ronald Reagan to read about. He also received the downloadable Study Guide.

All the books in both series share so many interesting facts and information about each person. Some biographies can be a bit dull but we've never experienced that the several times we've read through YWAM's books. This book is a soft cover book that is 224 pages. There is also a downloadable study guide that can be purchased along with it (and study guides are available for any of the books in both series).

This book captures the readers attention right from the first page as it talks about the attempted assassination on President Reagan's life just 2 months after taking office. From there, the book backs up to talk about his life as a child and shares about his nickname he was given of "Dutch".
The book goes on to talk about the rest of his life before he became president. He played football, was a sportscaster and went on to become an actor. He lived to be 93 years old when he died of pneumonia. I still remember his funeral myself!
Not only does this book cover so many amazing facts about President Reagan, there is also a downloadable study guide to take this book to a deeper level and making it a full unit study. 
The study guide offers all sorts of additional ways to dive deeper into this book.  The study guide is divided into 2 parts.  You can use this for a small group or classroom or you can use this for homeschooling. There are additional book suggestions to check out, a fact sheet on President Reagan, a timeline and fact sheets. Each chapter also has 6 questions to answer.
My son first read through the book entirely as he doesn't like having to stop each chapter to answer questions. And partly because he loves diving into history and wanted to soak up all he could. He then prefers to go back and re-read the book and take his time answering the questions. He would pull the study guide up on the computer and write the answers to the questions on paper.

There are additional projects and things you could do to really draw out this book into a longer unit study but because his school work is already busy enough, he just read the book and answered the questions this time. But trust me, there are other resources, vocabulary questions and so much more you could dig into with each book and study guide. We simply just didn't have time. But we truly love these books and keep adding them and the study guides to our homeschooling!
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