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There are so many neat children's Bibles and Bible story books out there. We have several of them and I use them to read to my young children usually before bedtime. We recently had the chance to try out a new one, Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App from Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals.

This isn't just your typical, colorful children's Bible. I mean don't get me wrong, it's a great hardcover book that shares over 100 old and new testament Bible stories. But what set this story book apart from others is that they have what's called an "Augmented Reality" app. I had no clue what this meant. It was free to download on apple and android devices. I do wish I could've put it on my Kindle though. More on this app shortly.

First, about the book, it's about 300 pages long. The pages are thick and can withstand lots of use from little hands. The pictures and colors are amazing and keep the attention of your children. Each Bible story is written in a way for a child to easily understand. They also included the Bible reference of where each story came from so you could easily read the story from your Bible to accompany the story.

The front of the book has a table of contents which makes it easy to find a specific story you want to read. The back of the book includes a "people, places, things" of the Bible so you can find certain stories that way as well. This book covers stories from Genesis to Revelation in wording that makes it easier for younger children to understand. 

But what really sets this book apart is something I've never experienced with any other book. You download an app and then you open the app and hold it over any of the pages and they literally come to life! The people and objects become 3D, they talk and you can touch them to interact. There is also background music playing as well. It really brings the Bible stories to life. Even my teens had fun playing around with the book and app and thought it was really cool! I tried to capture a video to show this. My daughter was using the app on her phone while I video taped it.

Everyone had fun paging through the story book to see how each picture would come to life. This would be a great book and app to have for evening devotions!

The 2 images above show a glimpse of how this app works. The first photo is simply a picture of the story book. The second photo shows a picture of what it looks like looking at the story book through the app camera bringing the picture to life!

Using the app to bring the stories to life has really kept my little ones attention AND made them ask more in depth questions about the different Bible stories. This is a definite keeper in our house! If you are looking for a new Children's Bible story book or devotional, we highly recommend this one!

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