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I can hardly believe the time is fast approaching to finally graduate my oldest girls! Being that they (twins) are my first, this whole process is new. We've been talking about their senior year and graduation for quite some time to figure out what they wanted to do. The timing was great when we were recently offered to order a Standard Diploma that we were able to upgrade to a Personalized Diploma from Homeschool Diploma. My girls also picked out a Graduation Tassel.

Homeschool Diploma offers many things besides diplomas. They offer caps, gowns, tassels and even diplomas and gowns for kindergarten and 8th grade graduations. We had the opportunity to get a cap and gown but my girls decided that they don't want to participate in a formal graduation ceremony. When Homeschool Diploma heard I was having to choose which twin to use for this review, they generously gave us the chance to get them both a Personalized Diploma.

The process to order the diploma was pretty straight forward. Their website literally walks you step by step for each section. There were so many options for customization that I took the time to sit down with each of my girls individually so they could help me pick out what they wanted on their diploma as well as what tassel & charm they wanted.

We had never formally given our homeschool a name and considering the "school name" is one of the main things on the diploma, we had to figure that out. My girls tossed a few names around and we finally settled on one. Guess my remaining kids are stuck with that name in the years to come!

I loved all the options available to personalize their diplomas. I chose the wording of their diploma from the many choices we had. I liked that there were several options, including one for single parents. For most of the diploma wordings, it stated "our daughter" and while I was glad that there was an option for single parents which is what I had to choose, I wish I would've been given the option to say "my daughter" rather than have that part dropped. Considering it was myself who homeschooled my girls all these years, I would've loved to have had that on there. At the bottom, there is a spot though that says "mother" where I will sign it and date it so I do have a part in being on their diploma.

With each step of customizing the diploma, there are links you can click on to view the options available which was great to see exactly what it would look like. 

There is a section to include an optional verse or motto. Homeschool Diploma has a few included to choose from or you can write your own. Susan used one of their suggested verses which was Jeremiah 29:11. Sarah decided to choose her own and used Joshua 1:9.

Other personalizations included choosing the type of paper to have the diploma printed on, the type of print, which my girls chose calligraphy as well as the seal. It was neat to see what each of my twins picked. My one daughter picked a raised seal and my other picked a printed one, both the same saying, "Soli Deo Glorio, To God Alone Be the Glory".

They could even personalize the sturdy cover their diploma came in, which of course, they both picked something different! The diploma came in a sealed bag. Inside the cover, there is a plastic overlay on the diploma as well as another sheet of tissue like paper. There are instructions of how to sign the diploma as well as how to store it long term.

From the time we placed our order until receiving it was barely a week! They had fast turn around service.

While I personally will miss not seeing my girls in graduations gowns (maybe I will dig mine out from high school for a photo op!), I am glad they each picked out a graduation tassel. Once again, they were able to pick from the wide variety of colors as well as charms. While they choose 2 different colors, ironically they choose the same charm unbeknownst to each other.

The plans are to have a private graduation ceremony/party with friends and family where I will present them with their diplomas sometime this summer. They most likely said they want to wait until they pass their EMT class and have a big celebration for both graduations.

I am very impressed by the quality and the level of personalization for their diplomas. I have my next child graduating next year and plan to get her a Personalized Diploma from Homeschool Diploma!

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