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When it comes to teaching math, in the elementary years, I typically use a workbook and teach them myself. Later on, I switch their math lessons to come from either dvd, online or a co-op class. But I recently had the chance to try out Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.). And instead of using for my older children, I actually tried out their first grade level with my 1st grader.

The neat thing with the Family Math Package is that you can enroll up to 10 students on it, talk about cost effective! All of my older children already were heavily involved with their own math programs so I only chose to have my 1st grader enroll right now. My pre-K daughter did a little bit but she is not quite ready for it. Since it's a year long membership, maybe I'll have my older kids do some lessons over the summer just so they keep refreshed.
With the Family Math Package you get access to all their levels so if your child seems to be progressing fast or already covered some things in a level, you can easily just switch to another level.
The approach that A+ Interactive Math takes is a multi-sensory one. The child gets to not only listen to someone instructing them in each of their lessons but they also get to watch the instructions and teaching online. They are shown how each of the problems are worked out. Not only do they watch lessons, then they get a chance to answer questions pertaining to what they just learned. What I really like about this program is that if they get a question wrong, they are not only told the answer, they are shown the correct way to solve it so they learn from their mistake. Often times I've seen programs tell you you got something wrong but you don't know why nor how to do the problem correctly.
The lessons are color coded and engaging and always kept my daughters attention. For the most part, once I set her up with the lesson she was to do, she could do it on her own which was a win for me! As a busy mom, I love any program that my children can do on their own, including grading. I did find though I had to click each lesson "complete" which was a little confusing at first. I assumed once Olivia finished a lesson and then completed the question and answer portion, it would automatically log her as "complete". That would be the only thing I change with this program, but it's not a huge thing. It does grade them automatically at least.

I appreciate how easy this program is to navigate. It was simple to set my daughters profile up. Starting the program each day is a simple click of a button to launch it and then find the lesson she is to complete. If I can't remember the lesson she last did, I simply go to the lesson plan link and it shows me what has been completed.
In addition to the online lessons, they also offer printable worksheets for extra work which doesn't copy the problems they already did online. You can also print off certificates of accomplishment as well. 
My daughter was able to navigate typing in the answers herself. It just took us a minute to realize we had to click on the frogs stomach to enter the answer rather than click next.

It's great that the program gives them words of encouragement when they get correct answers. If they get something wrong, it simply says "I'm sorry, that is incorrect". 

In the side bar, you can see each topic that is being taught with the break down being shown when you click on the "plus" sign.

Overall, the program teaches concepts well that are engaging, the site is easy to navigate and my daughter really enjoys using it. I plan to print out worksheets for her to brush up on skills over summer and will continue having her complete her math with this program.

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