Traditional Spelling I - Review

My first grade daughter has been working on spelling this year. It's been pretty informal, mainly writing words from books she reads.  So when we were offered Traditional Spelling I from Memoria Press, we were excited to check it out and use a more formal spelling curriculum.

Traditional Spelling teaches spelling by using a phonetics based approach. They teach phonograms, which is the letters and letter teams that make up words. Each lesson teaches 10 different words and sound combinations. There are a total of 34 lessons, which each lesson taking 5 days to complete.

There are several components to this program that we received:

  • Teachers Manual
  • Student Workbook
  • Classical Phonics book
  • Spelling Practice Sheets
  • Flashcards

The Teachers Manual is a spiral bound book that walks you step by step of what to teach and how to teach it. Each day is laid out and they even list questions to ask your child. The manual tells you what number flashcards are needed for each lesson. The answers are also provided. It also tells you which of the other books to use when. The back of the manual also has some extras such as the spelling test form, spelling review games, spelling rules reference sheet, common english contractions, phonics overview for the teacher and a colorful letters key.

The Student Workbook is a consumable, spiral bound book. There is one page per day for the child to complete. They don't write the words out as listed in the spelling box but rather they are grouped according to their sound and that is how the child writes them out. The first day they write the words out based on their letter grouping. The second day the child writes the words out based on the vowel signs and then they also use red and blue colored pencils, red for vowels & vowel teams and blue for consonant & consonant teams. The third day you read a passage and then fill in spelling sentences. The fourth day the child listens to you dictate sounds where they write the letter sound like /a/ and use a breve or macron as well as write out the words you dictate. The fifth day is the spelling test where you read the words as your child spells them out.

The Classical Phonics book is a spiral bound book that shows the child sounds, letter blends and words with "rules" that explain the word. It also has pages of sight words towards the back.

The Spelling Practice Sheets gives a spelling page for each lesson. It lists the words with space next to it to write that same word 2 times. This is reproducible for one child so the child can practice the list more than once if needed.

The flashcards are large cards printed on heavy stock of paper and will hold up well to use with several children. The show on one side the sound to help visualize the sound and on the other side, there are lists of words with that same sound.

My daughter and I would sit down for the first lesson of the week and go over what the words are, their sounds and how they are spelled. I would pull out the flashcards and go over the words on them. We would also go to whatever pages were assigned to read in the Classical Phonics book. Then we'd finally do the spelling page. There are usually other activities such as games to play but depending on how long the lesson was taking, we didn't always do the extra activity. Usually every day though we would look at the flashcards even though the book didn't suggest it.

Her favorite pages to complete were the spelling sentences where she had to find the word in the box to right it with the correct sentence. She also enjoyed when I dictated the words to her as she was proud of herself for being able to spell them all on her own. Sometimes if she did well with day fours dictation, I wouldn't bother with day fives test.

I appreciate how the teachers manual is straightforward in having everything listed each day that you need and what do to. I don't have time to put much prep work into a subject so this really streamlines everything for me. I like that the flashcards are numbered, which works great until someone spills them and you have to put them back in order, haha!

This is definitely a program I will finish with her and plan to use with my next children when they get to 1st grade! Memoria Press has many different curriculum programs and others on the review crew tried out  some of them so be sure to click below to read their reviews!

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