Tap My Trees- Review

We have only ever had maple syrup once in our house and that is because it was a gift to us from our  neighbor. But NOW I can say we are going to have it again because we are making it ourselves this year!! That's right, Tap My Trees sent our family a Starter Kit with Aluminum Buckets to review. It came with everything we need to do the whole maple sugaring process from start to finish!

What is Tap My Trees?
Tap My Trees was born when Joe McHale  wanted to teach his children about the origin of food. He wanted to give other families the equipment and information so they could experience the enjoyment of making their own maple syrup. He wrote an extensive guide to walk anyone through the simple process of maple sugaring.

When You Can't Play in the Blizzard. . .

. . . You bring the blizzard inside for the little ones!

As much as they wanted SO BAD to go outside, the weather here is just impossible for little ones to be outside. We have had blizzard conditions now for over 24 hours and have around 3 feet of snow currently. We brought a bin of snow in for them this morning and they had BLAST playing in it for quite a long time. Such a simple activity! Clean up was easy. Just dumped the snow into the bathtub and wiped up the floor with a towel.

Check out my Facebook Fan Page for a few of our recent snow pics and stay tuned for more photos here from Blizzard 2016!!

And the winner is. . .


Thank you to all who entered and left comments about the book Little Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist.

For those who didn't win a copy of the book, they are available for purchase on Amazon.

Her other book Love Letters from God is also available on Amazon.

Cruise Day 4, Wednesday November 4th-San Juan Puerto Rico

I had a rough night. I was woken up in the middle of the night with awful reflux. That hasn’t happen in a long time. I didn’t have many snacks in the cabin. Usually trying to eat something with carbs helps with the reflux. I found some rice krispies, so I munched on a little bit of that. I ended up sitting in bed for quite some time reading until it settled down a bit.

Once we got to breakfast, I ate a bagel & cream cheese in hopes it would help as I still wasn’t feeling well. I also took some meds and got a little bit of relief briefly.

Everyone took off to their usual places after breakfast and I sat on the balcony for a little to read. When Sarah & the littles came back from their walk, she said she thought about taking them up on deck to possibly watch the movie that was playing. So I changed into my swim suit and headed up to join them. We had nice seats on a tiered deck and could see all over the pool deck. The movie was over though and the dance leader was leading a class on learning the moves to thriller so we watched that for a bit. It was pretty windy out at this so you really had to watch your stuff didn’t blow away.

My littles sunbathing!

Little Love Letters From God- Review and Giveaway

A little over a year ago, I had the chance to read & review Love Letters from God by author Glenys Nellist, a book we all enjoyed!

She recently wrote another book in the series called Little Love Letters from God. Her first book in the series is geared toward older kids while this new one is perfect for toddlers!

Another Dislocated Knee

Some of you may remember about 3 1/2 years ago, one of my twins dislocated her knee on Good Friday. That was a long process of healing and physical therapy.

This past Wednesday we sadly had a repeat incident, this time with her twin sister!

I had been in the middle of making supper (homemade burgers on the grill!) I went upstairs to our bathroom, Kevin and most of the kids were playing a game at the kitchen table and Sarah was all the way downstairs in her bathroom (we have 3 levels in our house).

I heard Kevin yell down to Sarah to ask what she was watching and to turn it down (though it turns out she wasn't watching anything but screaming out). Then I didn't hear any noise from the kitchen. Next thing I know 2 of the kids came up stairs screaming at me to get downstairs that something was wrong with Sarah. I went flying downstairs, tripping as I went as by now I could here the blood curdling screams and had no clue what was going on.

Cruise Day 3-November 3rd, 2015

Today we woke up to semi sunny weather. At the same time, on our side of the ship looking out over our balcony, we passed some rain clouds in the distant. Due to this,we got to see a gorgeous rainbow over the water! We also witnessed a beautiful rainbow on our last cruise. I like to think this was a little wink from Noah letting us know even though he isn't physically here with us on vacation, he is still a part of it all!

If you look close, you can see to the left part of a double rainbow!