Cruise Day 3-November 3rd, 2015

Today we woke up to semi sunny weather. At the same time, on our side of the ship looking out over our balcony, we passed some rain clouds in the distant. Due to this,we got to see a gorgeous rainbow over the water! We also witnessed a beautiful rainbow on our last cruise. I like to think this was a little wink from Noah letting us know even though he isn't physically here with us on vacation, he is still a part of it all!

If you look close, you can see to the left part of a double rainbow!

It's so cute, the girls have this super large bed but they like cuddling close together. They were both just chilling after waking up.

We had breakfast as usual down in the main dining room. A couple of us typically get coffee with our meal and oddly enough my 4 year old enjoys "coffee" as well. Granted, her's is more milk than coffee but she sure was proud of the cup she had. And our server thought it was pretty hilarious that she likes it!

After breakfast, I had an unusual craving for a bagel and tater tots, something I typically don't eat (due to the processed carbs). So I went up to the buffet to grab these to things to take out on my balcony to eat while reading my book.

Can't get any better than eating & reading while overlooking the ocean!

Once I had sat down, Susan & Hannah came to tell me they were leaving to go walk around and see what their friends were up to. Shortly after they left, Sarah said she would take the 2 little ones for a walk to get some hot chocolate and to walk around the ship. After they left, Kevin & Erik said they were headed to their morning progressive trivia. (keep in mind, I'm sitting on the balcony this whole time, with 2 different doors into our rooms).

Random photo of the front of the ship, the bridge is up top and the heli-pad in the front of the pic.

So I sat there eating my food, reveling in the warm sun with my feet propped and reading my book for awhile. After bit, I decided to head inside for a few reasons. Baby was bouncing on my bladder and I also thought I'd like to take advantage of the alone time to go explore the ship myself. I went to go back in our room and the door didn't budge! So I went to check the kids balcony door and it was locked. Here, when Kevin left, he LOCKED ME OUT ON THE BALCONY!!!!

And of course, I was stuck. I can't call anyone and yelling obviously wouldn't do a thing. All I could do was pray someone came back to the room sooner rather than later. After all, they all could be gone for several hours. At least I had my book to entertain myself so I resigned to chilling, reading, and hoping someone would see me on the balcony and unlock the door.

After waiting about half an hour (after I found the door locked), Sarah & the littles came back! I was finally free! haha

We got the girls changed into their swimsuits to head up to the pool deck. We bounced around from the kiddie splash area to the hot tub. After awhile, we heard dance songs come on (like the cha cha slide, etc). We went to check it out and anyone could come up on the platform between the 2 pools to participate. I figured what the heck, this pregnant gal knows a lot of these so what better way to exercise! That was a LOT of fun! We did about 5 songs and I would've loved to have kept going.

*You can click on this video to play in full size screen*
Bonus points if you can find me in this video! *hint* I'm the only one out there rocking a pregnant belly! LOL

After lunch, we headed down to the ice rink to watch the ice show (we were assigned times based on our muster station). The girls friends and their family saved us seats so we all sat together. It was an interesting show and it's always so amazing to see what they can do on a smaller than usual rink. Ava & Olivia ended up falling asleep part way through.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty relaxed. We've noticed since there is a more "older" crowd on board, they don't have quite as many activities that we have seen on our previous cruises.

Since we had plenty of time to get ready for dinner, I was able to do Olivia's hair in this outward french braid. I love that all my girls love having their hair done up!

The evening show was a comedian that Kevin, the kids, and their friends all went to. I got my usual evening snack of sushi to take back to the room and chilled with Ava & Olivia.

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  1. I suck, I watched the dance video twice and did not find you!! I need more clues!!!!

    1. LOL!!! Nah if you don't view it full screen, it's hard to find me. Try this direct video link and I am wearing sunglasses & hair in a ponytail. :)


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