Cruise Day 2- Monday November 1st, 2015

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Today we woke up to find it overcast and lightly raining. It was SO nice being able to just glance out our balcony and see daylight. We all woke up a lot earlier than we needed to, probably due to our bodies still adjusting to the time change. We headed down to the main dining room for breakfast. Their suggested egg item of the day was juevos rancheros so I opted for that. It was an interesting combo and quite tasty. But then again, I love black beans & avocado, just never thought to toss it over a fried egg.

Afterwards, I wanted to take Olivia & Ava up to their kids club to register them in case they wanted to go. I inquired about having Ava placed with Olivia since she is potty trained (Olivia’s age group is 3-5) and they stated she would have to be evaluated by the nursery to see if she was ready for that age group. Well, I knew Ava wouldn’t stay in the nursery without Olivia so there went that idea. Instead, I checked out a bag of toys that they lend out so they would have something to do when we are in the room.

At 11:30, Shrek & Fiona were in the promenade to meet & take photos with. Of course, Ava & Olivia became shy and wouldn’t go near them (at least I got a picture of the older 4 kids with them, ha!)

We then had the meet & mingle with the roll call group, many of those who showed up though never posted on the roll call. There were over 300 signed up and a majority of them were from Texas! (I guess because this is a repo cruise to TX, that makes sense). Sadly, we didn't win any of the drawings this time (we have on past cruises).

A panoramic shot of part of one of the pool areas.

After lunch, we decided to take the littles up to the kiddie splash area to play. By now, it had warmed up to about 70 and the sun was out but the water was still cool so we sat in the hot tub instead. After turning into prunes, we headed back to our room and just hung out on the balcony soaking up some sun. I am thankful we have a lot of sea days this cruise so we can really make good use of the balcony.

This is how I spent many hours during our trip!

 Tonight was formal night so we started getting for dinner a little earlier than a typical night. We wanted to leave a little earlier so we could go take photos before dinner. The kids all got a lot of compliments on how great they looked being so dressed up. And of course, everyone always asks if Olivia & Ava are twins since they are the same size. (sorry, not sharing the kids group photo from this night as it's our Christmas card picture this year! lol)

Olivia with her big brother Noah's photo. We always take his photo with us for family pictures!

22 weeks pregnant with baby #8! This technically isn't a maternity dress but I was able to make it work!

 Before I got settled for the evening, I made what is becoming my evening ritual, a trip up to the Windjammer to grab a small plate of sushi to eat back in our room for my evening snack. I can eat that stuff ALL the time!!

The sunset off our balcony!

Our first towel animal of the trip!

Cruise Day 1

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  1. If I ever went on a cruise, I would so want a balcony room as well! It must be nice to have a private outdoor area. Have you or anyone in your family ever gotten sick on a cruise? They seem to get bad raps at times with spreading sicknesses, so I was wondering if you've ever worried about that? Also, your baby bump is so adorable!

  2. We were definitely spoiled by getting that free upgrade to the balcony room, it was awesome!

    Knock on wood, we have never gotten sick on any of our cruises! We are avid handwashers though so I imagine that is what kept us healthy. After we'd go through the buffet, we'd then use hand sanitizer as well.

    And thanks! Baby is growing! :)


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