Kwik Stix Giveaway!

My toddler and preschooler LOVE doing crafts, especially painting but it's not always convenient to paint. Ya know, the mess of water spilling, paint getting on clothes, etc. I was recently introduced to Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Kwik Stix

I had never heard of this product before and was quite excited to see if they lived up to what their website said they were. Kwik Stix is a non-toxic paint that does not need water AND it dries in 90 seconds! The tubes of paint are about the size of a glue stick and work the same way as well (twist the bottom to push the paint out as needed).

The colors are all bright and vibrant. The Kwik Stix come in both a 6 and 12 pack. 

The paint glides on without effort, no need to push down hard on the paper.

My 4 year old loved using the Kwik Stix to practice writing her name.

While these 2 were having fun creating pictures with the paint, my older kids wandered out to see what they were doing. The picked up some paper to try the Kwik Stix's and quickly said how much fun they were and proceeded to sit down and paint as well! I originally was going to say these were perfect for toddlers through early elementary but it turns out even teens enjoy painting with them! One of my girls said it would be neat if they made these with a smaller point to be able to make finer details.

Not only can you use these paints on paper but also on cardboard, wood and canvas. These would make a great Christmas gift. Pair it up with some drawing paper or even a coloring book! If you are an Amazon shopper, you can even find Kwik Stix on there!

We also received some pencil grips to try out. They are made of a soft, squishy like rubber that made them comfortable to hold. My 4 year old has been learning to write so I plan to keep using this with her so she forms the correct hold on a pencil from the very beginning! Even an older child who needs guidance in correctly holding a pencil would benefit from these.

The Pencil Grip, Inc is being generous and giving away a set of Kwik Stix to one of my readers!! 

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I was given a set of Kwik Stix in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. My 4 yr old and 10 yr old daughters. They love making things.

  2. If we win, the Kwik Stix will be used by my 3 homeschooling children, ages 11, 8, and 5. And one of my teenagers will likely have a go at them, too, because she loves art supplies.

  3. My grandsons would totally love using these!

  4. I'd love to stuff them in my nine-year-old's stocking!

  5. My children - there isn't a whole lot for Christmas this year being our first 'real' one without hubby and very little income.

  6. If we won, I would give the set to my daughter for Christmas. She adores her art time and LOVES drawing.

  7. These look great, and would make a wonderful gift for my youngest.

  8. They look fun...would make great Christmas gifts!!


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