When It Comes to Travel Deals. . .

I am your person to contact!

I have enjoyed traveling for many years as well as helping my friends find deals and plan their vacations. I figured I might as well turn my hobby into something more so I recently became an Independent Travel Consultant!! (<--- that's my bio that you can read more about).

I know often times people wonder how we travel like we do as a family but it's something that we make a priority. If you asked my children if they would prefer gifts for their birthdays or Christmas, they would tell you that they would rather us save up and take a family trip somewhere instead of receiving gifts. Making memories is important to our family as they are what we treasure and remember forever!

It's my hope to share with you my love of traveling by helping other families book memorable vacations as well! So please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are looking for help in booking your next vacation!

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