Fall 2015

Ok, I KNOW I am behind in sharing this upcoming photo. BUT ya'll gotta cut me some slack. We just returned from a 2 week vacation that had us unplugged and out of the country (more on that in up-coming posts, woohoo!) So this left the end of October very busy for us. Between celebrating our twins 16th birthday and getting ready for a major vacation, life has been a bit crazy.

All that to say, while we don't celebrate Halloween, we DO enjoy carving pumpkins for fun and roasting the seeds.

Here is a photo of the pumpkin I personally carved this year. Let me preface this by saying YES I carved it myself and YES I did it free-handed with out any template or stencil. I really do have a love and talent for art but rarely have time to put it to use. Here is a brief glimpse of my talent and *ahem*, upcoming future. . . ;)

Obviously this is the photo of the pumpkin while lit up. Just so you can see what it looks like under normal light when I carved it, here's that photo:

Every life is a miracle!

Soooo, whatcha think?!?!  :)


  1. Congratulations! I love your talent and unique announcement :)

    *I *thought* it was an announcement when I saw it last night when you said your future and then I checked back just to make sure (was hoping to see more comments), but noticed your *ahem* addition to the post and your baby #8 label!

  2. LOL!!! Thanks Bridget! After no one really commented here or on my fan FB page, I wondered if it wasn't obvious enough so I went back and edited what you saw to hopefully make it more noticeable. ;) I was just going to keep quiet until baby arrived but my kids were dying for me to share! <3 I'll share more info soon!

  3. OMG!!!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! THIS IS SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! How far along are you? Is baby a boy or girl, do you know yet? How are kids taking everything, I bet they are all over the moon?! I am so happy for you Jenn. I have been following you since shortly after Noah's birth and you of all people deserve this, your entire family is wonderful and I love how even in the trials you still trust GOD and put him first. Your kids are beautiful, respectful and very smart. I know this little one will be just the same. You are a wonderful mother and person. I honestly couldnt be happier for you. I am due with #8 in March, so I know the fun of #8's :-D HUGE CONGRATS again to you, hubby and the kids <3

    1. Aww thanks so much Maria! :) And yes our children were SO happy when they found out. Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement, it means a lot! It's been a rollercoaster these last 5yrs but by God's grace, I am still standing!

      Congrats on YOUR newest blessing! March is a good month as that is when our newest is due as well! ;)


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