They Keep on Growing Up!

Recently I shared how my firstborn just turned 16 yrs old! Since we left shortly after their birthdays for vacation, we weren't able to get their permits.

Well today, we took the plunge!

After spending over an hour simply waiting, they were each called back to take their test. I would've taken photos but I knew they'd have a cow! Ha!

But they both emerged with flying colors and passed the test on their first try.

It's official, we have 2 new drivers!!!

I am a mix of emotions. First off, I can't even believe I have children old enough to drive! It seems like yesterday I was in their shoes. Secondly, I am both excited and scared to death of this newest adventure! I can't wait for them to fully be driving on their own as I know it will open up a world of opportunity and help. BUT at the same time I am nervous. We've had them driving in parking lots for awhile now so I trust their ability. It's all the other crazy drivers out there that make me leary. I know I will be storming the gates of Heaven with prayers of safety for them as they drive! But I know this is the next step in life for them as they seek independence and the path in life God has for them.

Love you girls!!!


  1. Your girls are so beautiful, Jenn (I'm sure inwardly as well)! Give them my congrats on passing their tests. And, I hear you with being scared as well as excited on this new phase in parenting. My oldest is 11, but I'm sure 16 will be here all too soon for me.

    Oh, and I'm so glad that you took your oldest children's advice and announced your pregnancy! I was wondering if you were going to announce a pregnancy soon :) I always think that I might have to start a blog if I get pregnant again so that I can announce it to an audience that would be happy for me (my kids would be ecstatic, but my mother-in-law, who is usually so great, told me when we announced number 4, "oh no!" and after we lost our 5th, a son at 18 weeks, she said that "she hoped we were done"). Ugh! Anyway, my youngest is over a year now and I'm hoping to have another baby sometime, but I'm getting to the end of child-bearing years (age 38). I don't like it how other people think they have something to say about your family size....Anyhow, I can't wait to find out details....when you are due and if you'll find out gender this time!

    Also, I loved reading about each day of your cruise last year, so I can't wait to here about the trip you just took!

    1. Thanks so much Bridget! It blows me away that they are old enough to drive!

      So sorry to hear the comments your MIL made. :( Praying you will get your blessing of another baby soon!

      Thanks so much for reading & sharing in our enthusiasm!! :)


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