Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Say WHAT?!?! Oh yes I just went there, a totally gluten free pizza that rocks!! Since cauliflower is in season right now and super cheap at the local farm stands, I've been finding myself experimenting with it lately. Cauliflower is becoming more versatile like zucchini.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Remember the Buffalo "Wings" I shared here before? Yup, we've made them many times since then. Mmmm sooo good!

In fact, I have a few more cauliflower recipes I want to experiment with before it's done for the season. But for now, here is my latest creation. I actually froze a piece of the "crust" before topping it with the pizza toppings to pull out for another time. Granted, it takes a little bit of time to make this but if you are looking to eat healthy or have to be gluten free, it's worth the effort.

Think outside the box for toppings, how about a ranch sauce with some chicken & bacon? Or a bbq chicken pizza? What about tossing on some taco meat & toppings (pepper jack cheese & jalapenos anyone?!) Oh the possibilities!!

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Let me just  say, my kids scarfed this down the second it was out of the oven. I had to work quickly to snap photos before they scarfed it all up!

1 16oz bag of frozen cauliflower (or the equivalent of fresh, I just eyeballed the fresh, using a good portion of a whole head)
3/4 cup of egg whites (I used an off brand of carton egg whites found in the dairy aisle) OR 1/4 c egg white and 1 whole egg.
1 cup grated mozzarella (could also toss in some grated parm) Again, all this is just estimates. You can't mess this up.
1 tsp sea salt
oregano or other Italian seasonings to flavor

You could do this part several ways. Either cook in the microwave your frozen cauliflower or if using fresh, chunk it up and pulse it in a food processor until it's "riced or snow cone looking". Microwave it about 4 minutes. Then put it into a clean tea towel and squeeze the excess moisture out. You'll be surprised how much you get out.

This is what the cauliflower looks like after getting out the moisture.

Add the egg whites, grated cheese, salt & any other seasonings you want and mix together.

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Using the paper is important so it doesn't stick. Spray the sheet to make sure it won't stick. Using a spatula (or your fingers), spread crust super thin. It should almost reach the sides of a 9x15 pan. Try to make sure it's even so one area doesn't brown faster.

Bake at 450 for 15-20 or until the top is browning. Remove from oven & lifting the parchment paper, flip the crust to allow browning on the other side (remove paper before putting back into oven). When it reaches your desired browned color, remove from oven, let it cool a little then add your topping on top. Place back into oven to let the cheese melt. Cut into smaller squares which make it easier to handle.

Now wow your family when they take a bit thinking they are eating a thin crust pizza and tell them it's cauliflower!!!! This recipe is perfect for those who are gluten free, eat low carb or follow a THM lifestyle!

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