Iced Coffee and Chinese Food

First off, a major Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad! My birth mom tried so hard to sabotage my relationship with him over the years when I was younger. God thankfully opened my eyes to what she did and he has been by my side ever since! He has been there for me through thick and thin despite all we went through when I was a child. I know he loves me unconditionally and is there for me no matter what! I'm so thankful for such a great dad and am thankful he shows my children what a real dad should be like!

ARTistic Pursuits - Review

I unfortunately was not born with an artistic talent. I can sew, play instruments, cook, but art is not my fortay. One of my older daughters somehow gained an amazing art talent though. Because of my lack of skill when it comes to teaching art, I've used different curriculum over the years to help out with homeschooling this subject. Our family knows the name of ARTistics Pursuits Inc. quite well. We have used and reviewed several of their books over the years (links will be included at the end of previous reviews). Recently, we had the chance to try out one of their books from their newest series, ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray. There are 4 books so far in the series and we specifically used the book Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary.

Zucchini Fries

As gardening season is kicking off (at least in this area), I thought I'd share one of our favorite ways to use the ever plentiful zucchini. Because we all know, we reach the point of thinking there is nothing else to do with the zucchini that is up to our eyeballs!