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If you are like my household, we are big music lovers. Someone almost always is either listening to the radio or other music. We were recently introduced to Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media.

Smart Kidz Radio is a free streaming radio station for children. There are no commercials, no talking so you don't have to worry about your children being exposed to something in appropriate. The songs continually plays on a loop so you do eventually hear the same songs repeated. This is a good thing for the littlest ones as it helps them memorize the music.

The music station can either be played on your computer or you can download their free app for IOS or Android devices. We simply streamed it through my computer while my little ones were doing a quiet activity like coloring or playing with their dollhouse.

The songs are catchy, upbeat songs. The lyrics revolve around teaching life skills and positive values.

There is also a section called podcasts that are audio dramas. Some of the included ones are Cinderella, Rip Van Winkle, Treasure Island, The 3 Little Pigs. Most of them are around 20 minutes long and are dramatized.

Smart Kidz Radio plans to soon offer an on-demand subscription. While the regular radio will still remain free, there will be more options with the paid subscription. There will story programming with the age suggestion listed for each category such as Good Behavior Skill programming for ages 3-6.
They will also have a Christmas song channel, Bible stories, classic fairy tales, etc.

The Kidz Radio is easy to use. You simply sign up for an account and it's ready to go. Other features on the radio is a place to click on to see the weather in your area, a map and even a way to request a song. There is also a place that lists what was recently played.

Overall, it's good quality programming. I do feel though it's geared for younger children. My one daughter is 7 and it was borderline for her. My 2 year old though enjoyed it.

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