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While we have our typical curriculum we use daily, sometimes it's nice to have some extra supplemental help to work on cementing in new ideas. In years past, I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet looking for printable worksheets. This can be time consuming and also not turn up exactly what I had needed. We were recently introduce to Super Teacher Worksheets, a website with a plethora of printouts to use in our daily homeschool! We specifically used their Individual Membership plan.

I admit, there is SO much to explore about this website that I wasn't sure where I first wanted to start. I knew that I was mainly going to be using this for my 1st grader and possibly my Pre-K daughter, so I mainly focused on the pages I would print out for them.
Worksheets are fun because they provide something different outside of our normal curriculum. We have also utilized worksheets during some of our "not normal" school days such as when mom might be sick, we've had a new baby or any time we deviate from our normal routine. We still want to do school work but we need something that may be a bit easier to do so worksheets really come in handy then.
The worksheets are organized from 1st-5th grade and then also there is a section for middle schoolers. There are over 10,000 available worksheets, activities and even games. In addition to ready to use worksheets, you also have the ability to generate your own worksheets!
I mainly focused on using spelling worksheets for my 1st grader and some of the preschool worksheets for Ava. The spelling worksheets has 30 different lists so we can basically use one a week. There are also additional lists that include holiday words. The lists had my daughter following instructions such as writing out the words that start with "H". And she would have to write the words. She was able to sound them out as she wrote.
I also tried to utilize some of the math worksheets. Mainly the ones that had addition math facts on. She would have to solve the equation then color the picture to match the numbers (basically, a color by number picture). 
Because my younger 2 are just getting into more school work, we have barely scratched the surface of this website! There are worksheets for science, social studies, even brain teasers & puzzles. I know once Olivia is into word searches, she will enjoy doing those as well. We just recently checked out the autumn section (as there are holiday sections). There is a cute scarecrow cut out that Olivia wants to cut and color.

The website is easy to navigate and the print outs come out clear and easy to use. The hardest part is figuring out what all you want to print! I have started a file of printouts to keep on hand for times we need something easy for the little ones to work on while the older kids are doing school.

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