What a Beautiful Preview to Spring!

Today's weather has simply been amazing! We hit 64 degrees with a light, warm breeze. I had a meal planned for after church but due to the nice weather, everyone asked if we could light up our fire pit and roast hot dogs for lunch. So that is what we did! (at least I now have tomorrow's meal planned!) Roasting hot dogs over the fire reminded us of our upcoming camping season!

The littles asked if they could eat at their outdoor table!

It was so amazing out that everyone played outside for a long time, including some time on the swings!!

After lunch, I dug out our smores stuff!! (yes the marshmallow is orange BUT it was regular vanilla flavor. It was some of those ultra huge pumpkin shaped marshmallows I got a deal on). This momma could only have a bite due to GD  but the kids enjoyed them!

After lunch and smores, we went for a walk. I noticed my daffodils were starting to come up!! Not too much longer until I can start planting my early spring garden, woohoo!!

After our walk, we all got changed and headed out to our hot tub! Since it was warmer out, it was set to 98 which is perfectly safe for this pregnant momma to sit in!!!

The kids are really working my tired body to get baby to come out. The walk & hot tub were both amazing! Time will tell when baby arrives. Until then, we are SO grateful for this beautiful day we could spend together!

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