When Your 4 Year Old Asks to Bake Cupcakes. . .

. . . You let her!!

The other evening Olivia said that she wanted to make cupcakes because she never gets to bake like her big sisters do. So I said that she could the following day. Of course the first words out of her mouth the next morning was "can I go bake now?" haha

She of course let Ava help her a bit by putting the silicone liners in. Slightly off topic, but those silicone liners are awesome! I got them from Amazon and they work really well. Nothing sticks to them and no more having to buy paper liners or accidentally running out of them!

She does really well at cracking eggs open on her own! We eat a lot of eggs so she's had experience at this for awhile.

Other than me measuring out the ingredients, she did all the work herself!

Of course a girl has to lick the beaters once the batter is made! Thank goodness for 2 beaters, haha!

Showing off their finished product! Olivia requested sprinkles on top. And check out her cute apron her big sister made her. 

I love that they are wanting to help out in the kitchen at such a young age. That's how my older girls got started in the kitchen. How else are they going to learn unless you give them the opportunity to try things out?! It's something I wasn't allowed to experience growing up so I wanted my girls to have the chance to develop those skills early on. Now my older girls can whip up almost anything and they have learned to take a recipe and make it their own! Sure, there were a few flops along the way and some messes made but that's how ya learn!

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