11 months old

Oh my sweet, precious son, I can hardly believe you are 11 months old today! Where does the time go? If you followed your siblings footsteps, you'd finally be cutting a tooth or 2. They cut teeth super late. You'd be pulling yourself up and cruising along furniture. Though knowing your older siblings, they would be trying to get you to walk on your own. lol

The kids have really been missing you lately. I'm sure you've seen the tears they've shed the last few days. Hannah wished you had been with us boating & swimming this weekend. Erik has wanted you here to play games with and watch him as he starts football. He is worried how you are going to feel being a big brother but yet not being here to be a part of it all. He doesn't want you left out.

It was hard for all of us to be at your grave yesterday after church. It is so difficult being there and envisioning your body being just feet underneath us. We know YOU aren't there but still....it's just not fair we have to go to your grave to be a complete family. The girls & I have been reading the book "Heaven is For Real" and wow....reading that gave us a glimpse into a day of your life in Heaven. You can see us and know what we are thinking & feeling. Which is comforting. I am glad you know just how much we miss & love you!! Not a day goes by that your name isn't mentioned amoungst us. And have you seen the notes the kids write you & the art projects they make for you?? You are the most popular baby ever Noah!!

We're one day closer to being together again. Hang in there my sweet son, we can't wait to see you! We are proud of you & love you so very much Noah!!


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