3 oz!

Olivia has finally gained a whole 3oz!!! She is still half a pound under her birth weight but we are thankful she has finally gained something. We made some slight changes to her feeding routine and she'll get reweighed again this weekend to see how she is adjusting.

Despite the challenges her feeding has presented me with, I am thankful. Thankful to have the ability to feed her. Something so trivial that most people take for granted, or even complain about the many overnight feeds, I cherish. I only got to feed Noah 1 time. He changed my outlook on a lot of things which is a priceless gift. I'm sure I'll expound on this more in the coming days, but I'm 1-handed again right now. ;)

I'll close with a song I heard for the first time recently. It was a great reminder to me, especially as a mom when life can seem to get stuck in a rut or when we're doing those little things that no one sees. Remember who we are doing all these things for!

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