Baby Parade! (give me your ideas)

Every fall, our local town has a fair where the streets are blocked off for a few days. Lots of overpriced  games & rides as well as the many food stands can be found here. There are also lots of categories where you can enter items such as baked or home-canned goods, produce you've grown, photos, sewing items, etc to be judged and win a monetary prize.

The part I look forward to the most is the baby parade. I had the kids involved for several years until they got too old for it (age 6). Last year I was thrilled to finally be able to participate again with Olivia. She got 2nd place in her category! (the chicken costume). We aren't required to dress up with our child but it does add a certain element to it so I have tried at times to dress up with them. Another thing that gives us more points is handmaking the childs costume. And in the pictures below, I have made them all myself (except my chicken costume, which I owned from working as one along with my kids several years ago).

In fact, the one year we were asked to participate in the Mummer's Day Parade in Philadelphia on New Year's Day!! We even placed winning $100 & a trophy!

And just for laughs, here's a pic of the kids & when we spent a week working as "chickens" (yes I made their costumes). We also worked as the above clowns as well.

All that to say, I wanted to see what suggestion you would have for Olivia & Ava this year! There are different categories such as decorating a wagon with them in it (which we have a wagon), best characterization, cutest sibling group and best dressed walking are some I would consider. Most of the time we did best dressed walking. So comment below or message me with your suggestions!!


  1. I love your photos! I dressed up as a duck with my boy-girl twins as ducklings when they were 2. We walked in our 4th of July parade and it was fun but my duck suit was hot!! They're 4 now and have their own ideas about costumes. I don't know for your 2, maybe ask them what book characters they like? Have a great weekend! -- Linda @

  2. What about all books from the bible


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