"You Wouldn't Cry For Me Today"

This song hits home for me right now and I imagine Noah hugging me as he whispers these words in my ear. I am thankful he is experiencing the joys of Heaven but man, we miss him big time here!!! There is no way to describe the hole in my heart and the tears that continue to fall as we reflect on the last 5yrs without our son/brother.

"You Wouldn't Cry for Me Today"

All you saw was pain
All you saw was rain
But you should see me now
Moments filled with tears
Lasted all those years
Disappeared somehow
You never said goodbye
On your knees you cry
You're still asking why, but

Blue has never been bluer
True has never been truer
Honey never tasted so sweet
There's a song in the breeze
A million voices in praise
A rose has never smelled redder
The sun has never been brighter
If I could find the right words to say
If you could look at my face
If you could just see this place
You wouldn't cry for me today

What you think you see
Isn't really me
I'm already home
You've got to lay it down
'Cause Jesus holds me now
And I am not alone
Your faith is wearing thin
But I am watching Him
And He's holding you too, and


What may seem like years will just be a moment
Oh, the day will come when I'll show you where you're going
I can't wait to show you that


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  1. with everything going on in my own life I forgot that Noah's heavenly birthday was even around the corner :-( I hope you and your family are doing as best as can be. I can never begin to imagine your pain. Noah's story hit me hard and changed how I view a lot of things including my own life. your precious baby boy will never be forgotten. hugs.


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