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We enjoy including biographies as part of our homeschooling. Recently, my son had the chance to read and review Heroes of History:Billy Graham America's Pastor as well as the accompanying Digital Unit Study from YWAM Publishing.
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YWAM Publishing is a Christian company that produces an assortment of educational items such as study guides, audiobooks, biographies and many other products. We recently had the chance to choose one of their books with a downloadable study guide. They have more than 40 biographies in 2 series, Christian Heroes:Then & Now and Heroes of History.
Last year, my daughter chose to read the book about Milton Hershey. This time my son expressed interest into learning more about Billy Graham so he chose that book. This a paperback book with 208 pages. It has 17 chapters that cover Billy Grahams life, starting from childhood all the way up to sharing about the legacy he has created.
Billy was brought up in a Christian home. He experienced the death of his little sister, watched as his grandma died while she stated she saw Jesus & her husband, so he never doubted Heaven was real. He had just never made the commitment himself until right before his 16th birthday.
The book goes on to share how Billy got involved in the ministry and how he launched Youth For Christ. It also talks about how he was close friends with several presidents. The book definitely sheds the light on some of the lesser known facts about Billy Graham's life that we never would've known.
The Digital Unit Study is a downloadable zip file that is chock full of chapter questions and other ideas & projects to complete. The one section of the study guide contains 74 pages which contain the end of chapter questions, suggestions for creative writing, hands-on project ideas, arts & crafts, and so much more.
There is also another section that contains a timeline, maps & a fact sheet. There really is so much added activity ideas that you can customize what you choose to do. You could read this book aloud to your children then give them each a different activity to complete. Or you could have your child read the book on their own and assign them different projects & activities. I printed out the list of chapter questions and as my son finished each chapter, he wrote down the answers in a notebook.
If you enjoy unit studies, the books from YWAM publishing would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum!
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