I know I haven't post in about a week. It had been a tough week and I wasn't really up to much of anything. I really don't feel like getting into all the nitty gritty but the general jist is that Noah's official paperwork has been a nightmare. In the hospital, I filled out everything to get his birth certificate as well as his social security card. So then I proceeded to wait for the documents. And I waited. They never came. In talking to Jen & Michele, they recieved their little ones info with no problem. So I knew something was up.

Long story short, somewhere after I turned his paperwork in, a mistake was made and Noah was shown as having never lived.  Because of this, I was never sent his documents, and when I finally called about his birth certificate, I was sent one that is not normal and showed him as a stillbirth. So right now we are trying to get this resolved which of course doesn't seem to be an easy process (as well as dealing with a lot of other headaches). I will not let this rest until I get the correct birth certificate for Noah. It was so heartbreaking to open that birth certificate and to see the wrong one. The stress of that day as well as what I had to go through to get his social security card left me physically ill that day last week. I never would've had to deal with any of this if that mistake hadn't been made. I just want it corrected. I want my sons birth certificate to show he LIVED!!! So just please pray we can get this resolved.

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