Is anyone else ready for these cold, dreary days to be past and to feel the warmth of spring?? I know I am. The last several years I've found I don't enjoy winter like I did when I was younger. This year in particular has been really difficult & I find myself struggling. I'm sorta wishing I could hibernate like a bear right now and wake up towards the middle of March. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a big ole snowstorm and the fun that goes along with being snowed in with my family. But if we aren't having a snowstorm, then I would really like spring. Like NOW please!!! I'm itching for the sun and to be outside planting & working in my garden. We were given a memorial plaque, rose bush and a gift card to design a memorial garden for Noah so I can't wait to get started on that as well.

I know many people have asked how I am doing this pregnancy. I've experianced a lot more sickness this time than I did with Noah & have lost some weight. I do think the symptoms are getting better now. Course, I said that last week & proceeded to get sick the next day so I am hesitant to say I'm past it yet for fear of jinxing myself again. I still have a lack of appetite unless the right thing strikes me. Like a sub at 9pm (thank you Jen!) If it wasn't for the ever growing belly, I would forget I'm pregnant most days. I guess I am scared to think much yet. I mean, it's only been 6 months since Noah's birth/death. I admittedly am in fear that something will happen. I do feel the baby move once in a while but the movements are still light. I guess I am holding my breath until my big ultrasound next month. Hard to believe that I will be half way through then. I know even if we get a good report at the ultrasound, I don't think I will fully be able to relax until I see the baby with my eyes & hold him/her in my arms. 

And to answer the question everyone has been asking, just like we always do, we are not finding out the gender! We only found out Noah's ahead of time once we were given his diagnosis. We prefer to be surprised at delivery.

Jen, Michele & I had a get together recently. It was so wonderful to spend the day with my "sisters" and all the kids "cousins". I am so thankful for their friendship, and although the bond we share is one we never would've have imagined nor have chosen to go through, having them in my life been a true blessing to me.  Michele's little one, Hezekiah had just turned 1 and we surprised her with a cake for him.
What a precious boy! He and Noah share the same homegoing date exactly 6 months apart. I'm sure he, Olivia & Noah were partying it up in Heaven as we celebrated his birthday here. Here are the rest of our kiddos enjoying in his celebration:

Happy 1st Birthday Hezekiah!!!! ♥

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  1. You know I'M going crazy with all this winter weather. We are going to milk this summer out for all it's worth! ;P


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