Like all the other holidays since Noah died, today was both happy and sad. Easter holds a special meaning for us this year especially when we think of Heaven. We are SO grateful that Jesus died on the cross so we can spend eternity in Heaven. We have the glorious hope we hold onto during the tough days especially, knowing that we WILL see Noah again!

I wonder what today especially is like in Heaven as everyone celebrates the resurrected Christ. Oh the celebration Noah gets to be a part of!

I miss the fact that I didn't have a little one to dress up like I should've had. Noah would've enjoyed playing with the plastic eggs from the egg hunt I'm sure. When the older 4 kids were little, I started a tradition of dressing them up in bunny costumes every year until they no longer fit into them (oh they will love those pics when they are older!)

Last Easter, I was looking forward to this Easter & breaking out the little bunny costume for Noah. It's those little things most people don't think about that we also miss.

Today while we were at church, we went to visit Noah's grave. This was the first time we were there as a family since Noah's funeral. We've all been to his grave at different times, but not together. Tears were shed as we all stood there with our arms around each other, each of us quiet with thoughts of our own. Oh how we miss you Noah!

I had my camera along so I asked the kids if they'd like their picture taken with Noah and that cheered them all up. I realize that may seem strange to some of you, but this is all they get to do with their brother. This is as close as they can get to his earthly body & it meant a lot to them to have Noah included in the annual Easter pic(even if it was only his grave marker that can be seen).

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!

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