Calling all those with a camera!

Some of you may have noticed a few changes recently on my blog. I am slowly making some changes and am excited about some of the things I will be adding in the future. One of the things you've already seen is that I added a link to my facebook page for my blog. Feel free to click "like" and follow there as well.

But the main reason for this posting is to ask you all a favor. On my facebook blog page, under the photo tab, you'll see an album called "Noah's name pictures". My goal is to collect all sorts of pictures that have Noah's name in them. It could be anything from a simple picture, to something creative, photo-shopped, unique, unusual, specific to your area, etc. The ideas are endless & I would love any picture with his name in it!!!

With Noah's birthday coming up next week, I'd love to get some new pictures to help us celebrate his life. (though pictures taken any time would be gladly loved & welcomed!) So I'm asking you all to take a few minutes and help us celebrate Noah's birthday with some pictures with his name in them. Snap a pic (or more) and email it to . Include your name and I will post the picture on my blogs facebook page with your name.

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate & bless us during this emotional time as we reflect on Noah's precious life!

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  1. I will totally send you a picture if I can come up with a creative way of showing your sons name. What a fantastic idea!


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