A local support group that is pretty new in our area had an event yesterday specifically for the surviving brothers & sisters of babies who have died. Last October I mentioned this group because we had attended their balloon release for our angel babies. So we were excited that they held their first annual brothers & sisters picnic & that we could attend.

The event was held at Hands on House & was only open to those registered in our group. Sad to say we've lived so close but have never taken the kids here. I went as a kid (eons ago) but was never at their new location. Needless to say my kiddos were SO excited about finally going here (and at no cost to us I should mention). They also provided a picnic supper thanks to the donations of local businesses. Was a nice treat for all of us!

There were many activities for the kids to participate in. There was a drawing for door prizes (which Sarah won one, a kit to make balloon animals), there was outside gardens & activites to explore then the museum itself.

This was a cute garden area that had 5 wooden stumps. You can see the 5th one on the right that is empty, that represents Noah!

This is the kids working on their necklaces w/Noah's name(Erik made a bracelet)

Here the kids are building their own race cars to send down the track.

The kids each had a "shopping list" and had to gather their supplies in the store.

The kids dressed up in the make-believe area.

It was so good for them to see that there are a lot of other kids out there who are going through what they are & experiancing the same emotions. I admit it was bittersweet being here. Each family represented was missing a loved baby. It was also comforting to be in the presence of SO many others who were just like you. For once, we were the norm, not the exception.

The support group bought a brick for all these surviving siblings in memory of their brothers & sisters. So sweet!

We were tickled to see this morning that Susan's picture made the online Sunday paper! Though I have to add, he said I carried my 4 kids late. He was wrong, it should've stated I carried all 5 of my kids late. Unfortunately, he had left Noah out of that. It was sort've heartbreaking to read, considering what the nature of the article was about. I did submit to have a correction made to that. It's a big deal to us baby loss families when our precious angels get left out. It hurts.

Yes, I realize I made that super large, but in order to read the caption I had to. If you want to read the full article, you can see it here . For a look at the support group, you can find that here at Sweet Pea Project .

 We are so glad we had yet another way to remember you Noah! Our hearts are hurting right now as we reflect on where we were this time last year my sweet son. You are loved & missed beyond words & we are SO proud of you!!!

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