Merry Christmas

Just wanted to quick pop in and wish you a very blessed Christmas! I thank God for his gift which gives us all the hope & promise of Heaven.

I can only imagine what Christmas must be like in Heaven for Noah. Oh how we love and miss our precious son!

We could use your thoughts and prayers right now. I can't get into details because a few people stalk my blog  and cause problems for us in real life, so I unfortunately can't share details. =(  But we are dealing with yet another huge life challenge. You are welcome to email me (right hand column) as I can share with those of you who are regular followers and who have been a support to us.

Merry Christmas Noah! How blessed  you are to celebrate with the King of Kings! We love and miss you so very much and look forward to the day we get to spend Christmas together as a family!


  1. Found your video on Youtube while looking for Hello Goodbye song. I am 23 weeks week 19, Dec. 20th, at my ultrasound, we were told our baby has Potters Syndrome, Type 2. Kidneys and Ureter tubes never developed...specialist confirmed as well. It is 50% chance our baby will be stillborn, but also 50% chance our baby can survive birth and live for a couple of hours...We are praying that my husband and two children, ages 11 and 5, will have those precious couple of hours with our baby. Your video of Noah with the family was touching...We look so forward to meeting our little one and we are and will continue to cherish every moment God gives us. Thank you for sharing your video....It has given us some ideas as we are trying to prepare to preserve some memories of our own.

  2. Facing the loss of our little one with Potters Syndrome, Type 2. Am 23 weeks pregnant now. We are praying God will give my husband, me, and our two kids, 11 and 5, a precious couple of hours with our baby. Thanks for sharing your video with Noah...It popped up as I was searching for the song Hello Goodbye....

  3. Renee, I'm SO sorry to hear about your precious baby. If you'd like to chat, please feel free to email me using the "contact me" at the right of the page. I'll be happy to chat with you more & support you however I can. Prayers for your family as you walk this difficult journey & praying your sweet baby is blessed with time to spend with you all!! {{{hugs}}}

  4. I'd love to know more about the code you mentioned about needing a password

    email me


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