As I was hanging all the kids stockings, it made me wonder what will we do with Noah's stocking this year? Last year we put in a little something for the other kids "from" Noah, which they loved! But I have been trying to think of a tradition we could start that would include Noah....

(that tree is the kids "mini-tree", we have a bigger real one in another area of the house)

About this same time as I was brainstorming, I came across some neat blog entries being hosted at Small Bird Studios entitled "12 Days of Christmas with You in Heaven".
There are many different writers (fellow baby loss mommas) contributing ideas of how to help remember and include our precious babies during the Christmas season. Which brings me to R.A.C.K.......

Acts of

One of the moms (here) asked friends, family, (facebook & blog followers as well) to help keep the Christmas spirit alive by "doing unto others" in the memory of her child. So my friends, that's where YOU can help play a part in filling Noah's stocking for us this year!! Anytime you make a conscious effort to do a random act of kindness between now & Christmas, send me a message of what you did and/or the story surrounding why or what you did (contact link is located along the right sidebar, or you can click on the facebook page link & contact me that way, or if I know you in real life, drop me a note in the mail :-). I will collect all the messages & without reading, will print them off and put them into Noah's stocking. As a family on Christmas morning, we will open and read them.

Your random acts don't have to be anything huge or monumental, so this is something EVERYONE can do! Some ideas listed from the MISS foundation can be found here.  Some other ideas to get you started:
-send a note or an e-card to someone
-thank someone you don't normally think to (mailman, UPS driver, etc)
-make some cookies for someone
-give someone a hug or smile
-help carry someones groceries while at the store

Or consider doing something like this if you feel led:

We would love each and every one of you to join in, not only to do something in Noah's memory but to show Christ's love to others. After all, this season is about giving. That small seed of kindness you plant today may have a huge impact on someones life down the road!


  1. Neat idea! Will be doing something like. and doing in the memory of Noah-man :)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I want to do this with Haley!!!

  3. Just wanted you to know that I Rack'ed someone in honor of dear Noah. My husband and I were having lunch in a small restaurant near our home. We overheard a waitress talking to an elderly couple and it happened to be his birthday. I paid for our lunch and also theirs. I gave the waitress a RACK card I had made and told her to give it to them after we had left.
    We went back to the restaurant a few days later and the waitress told us how touched the couple was and that it really made their day! I told her why we did it and she was so touched that she promised to honor Noah's memory as well.
    Angela :)


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