Christmas party food

2 weeks ago I hosted our co-op moms Christmas party like I did last year. First & foremost I really enjoy entertaining, cooking, being with friends etc. But part of the reason I also do this is to give me something to look forward to because honestly, the holidays are a tough time for me. This week especially I've had more tears than usual and really am not up to doing much. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the food I made as I recall the fun night we had!

I usually start putting together ideas for my party pretty early on. As in, I've already pinned some ideas from Pinterest for next years party! I enjoy trying to be creative not only with food but also presentation. Homeschooling moms especially don't get much of a break, so I want to make it a special time for everyone.

Sadly, I had accidently left my good camera at co-op that week, so the pictures I took were only with my phone. But at least they give you an idea.

Last year I made a veggie wreath so this year I made a veggie tree. It was pretty simple actually. I took a cone shaped foam, covered it in plastic wrap and used toothpicks to secure the broccoli. Then I just wedged in the carrots & tomatoes (no toothpicks) in between. This was taller than the picture makes it look, roughly 15-18" maybe?? I also had a side of dip to go with it.

One of the sweet treats I made were little santa hats. I used mini pretzels, dipped them in white chocolate then right into red sprinkles. I cut mini marshmallows in half, put a little white chocolate on the cut side then put it on for the white "pom-pom" like the typical hats have.

Just another picture of some more of the desserts. In the back are oreo truffles & saltine toffee. I also made mini cherry cheesecakes (super easy but taste SO good!)

Everything I made was all finger food. Other food I served was some homemade seafood & egg salad served in mini phyllo shells, buffalo chicken dip & a cheesy vidalia onion dip both with a variety of things to dip them in. I made a wreath using mini cocktail sausages wrapped in pieces of crescent roll with a side of dipping sauce and cheddar sausage balls with honey mustard dressing.

Another thing I did different this year was to have a hot beverage station with choices of a cappuccino mix, a homemade hot chocolate mix and a spiced Christmas tea mix. I had hot water in an insulated self dispenser which kept it nice & hot all night for people to make whatever they wanted 

We all had a great time of just sitting around chatting & catching up sans kiddos. Of course, it wouldn't be a party without playing a white elephant gift of now you have it, now you don't. That game never fails to have us rolling in laughter from the usual variety of "gifts" we bring! The idea is everyone brings something from home they don't need or want, no buying anything new. It can be practical, funny, goofy or downright weird (we had all of the above!) Everything is wrapped & each person has 3 numbers. Each time your number is called, you pick a gift but you don't unwrap it. You can take a gift that someone else has already choosen (hence the name of the game). When your third number is called, you have to decide what gift you want as that is the one you will keep and then you open it to be embarrassed surprised at what you got. After your gift is unwrapped, no one can take it.

If you hosted any parties or attended any this Christmas season, what were some of your favorite foods you had? 

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  1. WoW you are so creative!!!! Everything looks yummy and Beautiful! Saying a prayer now that your spirits are lifted.


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