Money Saving Monday-Shopping at CVS for Next to Nothing!

I realize I haven't done a money-saving post lately but this one will make up for it! Do you shop at CVS? If you don't, I hope after this post you will. (and no, I'm not getting paid to do this post, I wish I was, ha!) Many people don't realize just how good the deals are at CVS when you combine coupons, red machine coupons & extra care bucks (ECB). I've been getting a lot of things free most weeks due to planning out my deals. Here are some photos of some recent deals and I'll explain more on the flip side:

(click on photos to enlarge if you want to see more detail)
This was the loot I scored on black Friday (and no, I wasn't there early, just later morning). EVERYTHING you see here I got for free PLUS I earned $21 ECB to spend on another order.

I paid $1.89 for this order (as seen in receipt below though the cashier messed up what I paid so it shows $1.98) I earned $19 in ECB.

I paid $6.11 for this order & got $4 in ECB PLUS I also got a $6 rebate on the advil which means I made money on this order!

I paid a whopping......$.41 out of pocket for this order (used a $10 cash card from a previous order & $9 in ECB to pay for this) and got $19 in ECB as seen in the receipt below plus using an app on my phone, I earned another $1.25  which means I made money on this order!!!

I paid $4.06 for this order (as seen in receipt below) and earned $19 in ECB.
Check out the savings on this receipt from this one order, I saved $99!!!!

I paid $9.22 for this order, as seen in receipt below, & earned $10 ECB.  (and no, we will not be drinking all the sodas from the last 2 pics, they will be sold at our annual development yard sale in May, thus making money off this order!) Look at that savings of $95!!

Ok, do I have you convinced yet to start shopping at CVS?

 If you don't shop there, first things first, get yourself their loyalty card called an "extra savings card". Also, if you get the Sunday paper, start clipping coupons. If you don't get the paper, ask around to friends for their coupons. When you go to CVS, locate the "red machine", this is where you scan your card and it prints out special coupons & savings just for you. Don't just scan it once and take those coupons, scan it again as it usually prints off more than one round. Keep scanning until is says "no more coupons for today".

Those coupons have an expiration date on them so even if you don't think you will use them right away, hang onto them for a possible future order. Many times I've found coupons that printed one week, I end up using the following week on good sales.

Also, go online to CVS and register your extra care card (because they will email you special coupons) and also sign up for the beauty club savings where you can earn even more ECB. CVS now has an app for smartphones. Download this to see what coupons they send you weekly.

Just to clarify, ECB are earned on certain products that are marked each week. After you purchase the items qualifying for them, they print out on the bottom of your receipt. Make sure you DON'T LOSE THEM! They are just like money and you can use them on another order!

You can use a manufactures coupon and a red machine coupon on the same item. Like that toothpaste above, it was on sale for $3, I got a red machine coupon for $2.50 off each plus I had a manufactures coupon for $1 off 2, so all combined, I got the toothpaste for free!!

The stayfree were on sale the other week for buy one, get one free. I located some buy one get one free coupons so that allowed me to get them totally free!

I mentioned above that I used an app on my iPhone to earn money on the mouthwash I bought (which was on sale for $4.99, I had $1 off coupon, I got $2.50 in ECB plus with the app, I earned another $1.25 which made it only $.24) There are several money saving apps that are free & easy to use.
ibotta (if you are a new user, the first time you redeem a rebate you'll get an extra $10)

I could go on & on about this but I realize I probably just put some of you on info overload so next week, I will share a part 2 to this and share how I organize my coupons and other resources I use to help me figure out my best deals.

If you have any questions on what I shared here, feel free to leave it in a comment or email me & I will answer on next weeks post!

Until then, happy savings!!!

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  1. Very Cool! Loved the pictures of your piles of loot! LOL

  2. Wow - I always hear about people saving big but most people talk about doing double and triple coupons. No grocery stores in my area do that. We did just get a CVS and I can so do these things! Thanks Jenn!

  3. Jenn, this is awesome! I never bother doing coupons because none of our grocery stores do double or triple coupons. We did just get a CVS and so I want to try this out! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing this - I need to remember to shop my CVS to my advantage instead of just picking up my prescriptions at the drive-thru. LOL

  5. I'm a fellow TOS Crew member and can I just say this is the BEST explanation I've ever heard of CVS deals?! We do a lot of Aldi shopping and get some food free because we work for a mission organization and people like Panera and grocery stories like to donate. (how can I argue with that?!). However, there are items that I can't get at the above places, so I think these CVS deals would work for me.

    I see we're both moms of big families (we have 8, ages 1-15), so I'm curious if you take the whole crew with you on these money-saving adventures?? :)

    1. Gwen, my kids enjoy shopping & getting deals as much as I do so yes they are often with me lol (though my oldest are also old enough to babysit so there are times the kids stay home as well). :)


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