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After last weeks post about my tips on how to get free or nearly free things at CVS, I thought I'd follow up with how I organize my coupons and some places I read up on to get some deal ideas.

There are many ways to organize coupons but I prefer to use a 3 ring binder with clear, plastic pocket inserts (think baseball card holders). This makes it easy to see & access your coupons quickly. And yes, this thing goes with me when I go shopping anywhere that will accept coupons! You never know when you'll trip across an unpublished deal or marked down item.

money saving ideas,

It's all a personal preference in how you organize your coupons once you have the holder you prefer. Since I get a lot of my deals at CVS, I have personal care items in the front of my binder. The page above has some of my razor & shaving cream coupons (I have 2 pages worth of these). They are grouped by their brand names. I have all shampoos on the same page, toothpaste together, etc. Then I have other grocery items categorized together back further. Snack items, dry goods, dairy items, frozen, and so on. I obviously have a ton of different categories but those are just some to give you ideas. Some people have tabs or page dividers to mark off their different sections but I haven't bothered with that at this point.

On the left hand side of the picture, you can see I have a clip attached where I put any shopping lists that aren't in listed in my smart phone. I also clip the coupons to this spot I know I plan to use before heading out so they are easy to grab.

Some of my favorite sites I read to get heads up on deals are:
For The Mommas
We Use Coupons (thanks for sharing this Jackie!)
The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you are on facebook, all the above places can be found there as well. They list who has what on sale and what coupons you can pair with the sales to get the best deal. Often they will list some of the stores sales up to a week ahead of time, giving you time to plan out what you want or to hunt down coupons you might not have. Those sites also give a lot of other great information as well (where to get free samples mailed out to you, bargains online, etc).

A free place to get coupons to print out on your printer is (though keep in mind some stores won't take internet printed coupons but most chain stores do).

(and no, I'm not being paid to share the above. Just want to pass along some ways to help you save money).

I know all this may seem overwhelming but you don't have to tackle this all at once. Start small with saving a bit on a few deals and go from there. Once you start seeing the awesome savings, you'll want to keep going as it can be such an adrenaline rush!

Have you found any good deals recently? Comment below & share as it's always fun to hear what others are finding!
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