"The Bible" on History Channel *giveaway*

 Some of you might have heard  about the highly anticipated show, "The Bible" that is airing Sunday Night 8pm EST on the History Channel. And if you hadn't heard about it, I encourage you to tune in & check it out. It's a 10 hour mini-series that was produced by Roma Downey (from Touched By an Angel) and Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice).

Many you of you might recall seeing "The Ten Commandments" and while it is a great portrayal of the Bible, it's a bit outdated since it was filmed in 1956. This mini series will cover the time from Noah's Ark to Exodus and the life of Jesus. From the previews and what others are saying, this is supposed to be a wonderful mini series. My kids can't wait to watch it!

Focus on the Family also just did a story on this series as well!

The History Channel also has an exclusive countdown to "The Bible" blog app. There is a neat scene quiz game where you can try to guess the character from a scene from the Bible that the picture is showing. There is also a clip countdown showing a short clip of the film each day until the show airs.

Because of this new show, the History Channel is allowing me to give away one of the official Bible Companion Books that goes along with this show. (prize will be chosen randomly from titles below by the History Channel).

A Story of God and All of Us (HARDCOVER)
A Story of God and All of Us (REFLECTIONS)
A Story of God and All of Us (YOUNG READERS)

So go check out the app, play the Bible Scene quiz or watch some clips then come back and tell me what your score was or what you are most looking forward to with this show using rafflecoptor. Don't forget to tune in Sundays, started 3/3, at 8pm EST on the History Channel!

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I holding this giveaway on behalf of the History Channel. Prize is being supplied and mailed by them. All opinions are my own. This is being disclosed as required by the FTC.


  1. My family is looking forward to watching this series as well, and using it to help with our reflection & preparation of Good Friday & Easter. Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot :)

  2. I got 82%. I wish I knew what I missed!

  3. I'm looking forward to using it as a family.

  4. I only got 57% I am really looking forward to seeing the birth of Jesus!
    Laura Jacobson

  5. We loved watching it as a family. Praying that my father in law who is watching also in NY will come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved! Praise the Lord!!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing this series very much. I want to see how accurate it is and be able to share it with my family. Cant wait to see how they do Noahs Ark

  7. I want to see how closely it follows the bible. Looking forward to watching it with my kids.

  8. I have to admit I skipped the show because most TV does not highlight the Bible in a positive manner. I'm so happy to hear such positive feedback! I'm definitely going to tune in this next Sunday.

    jeannine: waddleeahchaa.com


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