The Cat Wrestler

Ever since Olivia could sit up, she began interacting with our animals. We have an AKC golden retriever and 3 cats (yes, they are all indoors). Olivia was about 6 months old when we adopted 2 of our cats as kittens from the humane league.

Anytime she would pet the animals, we always showed her how to be gentle and would remind her to give them "aye-aye". Of course, not long after, she started pointing to all the pets & petting them as she said "aye-aye".

Our one kitty, Domino, really took to Olivia, though all the animals are great with her. He has been her special buddy from early on.

In fact, she started not just cuddling with him but full on wrestling him!

And the crazy thing is he LIKES it and will seek her out, nudging her so she'll tackle him!

Domino could be walking around and she'll go running and pounce on him while he just lays there letting her climb all over. In fact, if these pictures had sound, you would hear him purring loudly in each of these as she sits on him. 

He really loves her and lets her do anything to him. He is definitely not your typical cat and truly one of a special kind whom we all adore.....

......And she loves her sweet "aye-aye" wrestling buddy!!!!


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