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In our pjs, on the floor, on the couch, in a store.....we don't always use our books, oh how different each day looks!

Did I catch your attention?? Ha! I think I've had a bit too much of Dr Suess invading life lately, hence my goofy intro. You are probably scratching your head wondering what in the world is this post about? Today I am participating in a blog hop entitled "Show us your homeschool day in pictures".

As I sat down to brainstorm, I realized each day here in our house looks different. We don't have a set schedule for each day. Meaning, I don't say ok, at 8:30 we are going to do xyz for 30 minutes, at 10, we'll do this, etc. I like to allow as much time as each subject may take (or not take in some cases) as well as allowing for delight-directed learning. But we do have certain subjects that get covered every day and some that are a couple times a week. Outside of that, we are constantly learning no matter what we are doing.

 Mondays we are at our homeschool co-op for the full day so that really is our only day that is consistent. From there, the rest of our week could be super busy with appointments, swim & gym class at the rec, get togethers or pretty quiet and just hanging around home. We alter our schooling around what is going on each week. I print out a homework schedule for the kids of the work that needs accomplished that week and from there, they are good about spreading it out over the week once they know how busy or slow our schedule outside of the house is.

For the sake of this post, we'll just say this is sort of what a day at home with no outside plans looks like.

I have 2 kiddos that are early risers, we are talking between 6-6:45 at the latest. They get up and do their math lesson on the computer before even eating breakfast. All 4 kids do math on the computer and have to share 2 laptops so they like getting their math done & out of the way so they don't have to share a computer later on.

Once the others are awake, they do their math then as well.  Since the math curriculum we use allows them to do this on their own, it gives me time to get Olivia fed, tidy up around the house, etc.

From there, they look at their schedule of what needs done and they dive in. This could mean I go from the living room to the kitchen to the school room (since everyone often spreads out to different areas) answering questions about science, english, or music in the course of a few minutes.

Often times though, the older girls work pretty independently so I don't have to help them as much.

Of course, once in awhile I'll hear a "moooom" only to find one of our cats trying to lend a paw! Ha our animals like to get involved with school at times too. (we have 3 cats & a dog, all great animals & good with the kids).

To change things up, they like to check out the history channel as there are some pretty neat shows & documentaries on there. Though in the above picture, they are catching up on "The Bible" series.

Of course, Olivia isn't exempt from doing some learning activities geared for her age. I have a curriculum I loosely follow with her that gives me some neat teaching ideas for her. Wish I had had it when my others were little. 

She loves doing "school" like her siblings and often wants to be included in what they are doing. Sometimes this is cute and works out great like when sitting down with Hannah to do Spanish, she's picked up on a few words already, and sometimes she falls asleep. Other times, her wanting to imitate her siblings isn't such a great idea. . .

. . . like when she gets a hold of sisters math book & starts doodling her own answers! The older ones have learned if they leave pencils or books laying around, there is no telling what they might find after she does her thing!

My girls enjoy cooking, so sometimes knowing they get to tear up my kitchen is the motivation they need to get all the other stuff done. It's great the things they can learn while being in the kitchen. In the above picture, Sarah had to double the recipe which meant adding fractions together.

The kids are also big into games. We have a large game closet for this very reason. Once the weather warms up though, they usually don't play games as much as they do in winter time (you can often find some or all of them outside doing their school work when it's warmer). It's easy to turn many games into learning. Clue has been a favorite lately for working on critical thinking skills.

Granted, I didn't get pictures of everything we do in a days time but this gives just a sampling of what you might find if you were to drop by unexpectedly during the day. The kids said they wanted to get pictures of me teaching them, HA, I said my readers would rather see their adorable faces! *wink*

A Day in Our Homeschool


  1. LOVE this look into your days:)

  2. Love this look into your school day! So relaxed feeling, and I like that your kids have learned to spread the work out through the week. That can take quite a few adults time to learn to do!


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