2013 in review

How in the WORLD is it possible we are already ending the year 2013?!?! When I think of 2014 starting, I am brought back to when we were preparing to change century's from 1999 to 2000 (Y2K anyone!?!) And here we are, 14 years later, wow. And no, our computers never did crash 14 years ago, ha!

It really is true, the older you get, the faster time flies. I am witnessing it first hand peeps!!! This year like most years, brought about more changes to our family. The kids & I continued doing curriculum reviews which we enjoyed for the most part. We came across several things that we fell in love such as what has now become our favorite history curriculum, America the Beautiful.

My girls continued to practice their cooking skills this year and we came across many new recipes we enjoyed trying, many of them I still have yet to get up on the blog! Speaking of recipes, I am shocked to have seen my most pinned recipe this year has been my caramel popcorn! As of this writing, it's been pinned 199 times & liked 19 times, wow!! Now that I brought up Pinterest, if you didn't know, I have a Pinterest Page so feel free to come join the other 787 people who follow me there.

Of course, it can't go without saying that one of our big highlights this year was welcoming our 7th child, Ava Hope!!! I can't believe this week she will be 7 months old already!! She is such a happy & content baby!! Her sweet face is always radiating a smile and she certainly doesn't lack attention around here.

Other milestones this year were the twins turning 14 (ahhh driving in less than 2 years!) Hannah turning 12, Erik turning 10, our sweet Noah spent his 3rd birthday in Heaven the same day Olivia turned 2. My husband and I also hit the 15 years of marriage milestone, wow! Seems like yesterday we just got married. Amazing how much we've gone through, more than most couples ever experience.

We spent time camping with friends this summer (one of those times was just 2 weeks before I was due with Ava). We also traveled to Tennessee and stopped at a few interesting places to sightsee with good friends. This past September, we finally bought our own camper to join our friends in camping instead of renting a cabin. 2 days after buying our home on wheels, we found ourself camping in OCMD with the camping gang. We even squeezed a trip in yet in November. We are looking forward to many camping trips this coming year!

Last month found one of our kiddos admitted to the hospital for reactive airway disease. Thankfully all has been well since!

I continue to get contacted from moms around the world who have shared with me their stories of precious babies gone too soon. I also sadly photographed a sweet baby's viewing & funeral this year. All reminders to me of how God continues to use Noah's journey to be able to help others.

A new year brings up a mix of emotions for me. On one hand, there is the anticipation, excitement and wondering just what God has in store for us this year. On the other, it saddens me to be yet another year away from the year I last held Noah, the divide seems to grow longer with each passing year. Of course, I guess that means I'm a year closer to seeing him again!!

Going forward, I was thinking about a word of the year. Last year, I chose the word Hope. Kind of ironic but it is Ava's middle name, little did I know when I chose that word that I would be having another girl with that name! I guess "hope" really did come to fruition! Actually, 3 of my girls middle names are Faith, Joy & Hope! This year, I am skipping a word and just trying to focus on life one day at a time. Being open to whatever God calls me to, whatever word that may be each day! We often focus on the new year being the beginning of a fresh start when in reality, each day is a new beginning, a clean slate. So very thankful for that!

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