Introducing. . .

. . . our 8th precious child. . .

Mia Grace!!!
1 day old!

She was born Monday March 14th, weighing 7lb 7oz and 20.5" long. When I have a few minutes, I will blog her birth story. There were definitely a few nerve wracking moments. She looks a lot like Olivia & Ava and TOTALLY has Noah's cheeks!!!

You can imagine with her being our 6th daughter, girls names were a bit more challenging to come up with. Mia means "my beloved"  and Grace means "God's favor". 

For a long time, we knew Grace would be the next middle name we would use. (and no, before a few people assume, we did NOT choose the name Grace after anyone from Kevin's family!!!) Our last 3 girls middle names are Faith, Joy, and Hope. So Grace fell perfectly in line with their names as well as the meaning it had for us. Grace reminds me of the song Amazing Grace as well as the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 12:9 which became a verse I held fast to after Noah died.

We are SO overjoyed with the blessing of having our 8th child! She was much wanted, prayed, and hoped for! Thank you to those who prayed for her during my pregnancy and for rejoicing with us as our family once again expanded! I still am in awe that I am a momma to 6 sweet daughters and 2 amazing sons!!!

Mommy & Mia in the hospital

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