And They are 17. . .

Friday October 21st was my twins, Sarah & Susan's 17th birthday! They started the day with their weekly science class with friends but then had the afternoon to look forward to. They had off work and had 2 of their friends over to hang out and carve pumpkins.

Sunday, their birthday celebration continued with having another friend over to go out to Red Robin for their free birthday burgers. The waitress asked them if they wanted their free birthday sundaes so they said sure! Little did they know about 6 people then came out to sing Happy Birthday to them, ha! (sadly, I wasn't expecting it so no, I didn't get any pictures or videos.)

After lunch, they then went shopping at Kohl's & Target. My bargain shoppers of course only checked out the clearance racks. And to finish off the trip out, they got their free Starbucks drink thanks to the Starbucks app on their iPods.

As if turning 17 wasn't enough, they are now licensed drivers!!! Those first few times watching them drive away alone were tough for this mama! I feel like I was JUST 17 myself. I remember exactly where life had me at then, wow does time fly! They are young adults and I have been slowly letting go and letting them figure out their life journey! After all, letting your child go so they can make their own way is what a good parent is supposed to do! Unlike what hubby & I both experienced in having controlling mothers, we have strived to do better for our children! I so wish I had the upbringing they have had! I'm just thankful we can give them what we missed out on.

So hard to believe these girls are already 17!! This time has gone by in the blink of an eye!  These precious girls are becoming such amazing Godly, young women! Love you both SO much!!! Happy Birthday girls!!

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