Kicking Off Summer

While it isn't officially summer yet, we've been done with our school work for a little while now. The kids and some of their friends planned in advance a day trip to the beach. With older kids, they all have jobs so it takes a bit of arranging for people to get off work.

Unfortunately the day before the trip, we saw that they were calling for a cool, rainy day. But since everyone rearranged their schedules, we still planned to go the beach and make the most of the day.

We got up early and arrived around 9am. At that time, it was pouring down rain so we just hung out in the van listening to music and talking. We saw on the radar that the rain was soon going to stop. Once it did, we got out and walked out to the beach. We were really the only crazy people out there! After standing there for a few minutes, we realized we weren't going to be able to hang out on the beach due to the wind and how cool it was.

So we spent time walking around different shops and visited the arcade to win a few prizes. We ate our packed lunch in the van.

All in in all, it was still a fun day and a break from everyone's normal routine. Most importantly, memories were made and that's what matters!!

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