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Oh how we love art projects!! And we have done quite the variety over the years. We were recently introduced to Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit from ACTIVA Products.  They also included their free ebook, ACTIVA Products' Favorite Sculpture KIDS CRAFTS.

It was quite interesting to pour over the ebook to see the 12 art projects they suggested. Not only do they give ideas of general projects such as those for holidays, they give ideas of ways you could incorporate making a project to tie into your child's school work!

The box we received contained 2 packages of the Rigid Wrap, packaged each separately and one sealed bag of the CelluClay.

Our main focus was the Rigid Wrap. While there was vague, blurry instructions included for the Rigid Wrap, we were thankful for the colorful, clear instructions we received via the ebook. I will be honest, there was no instructions included for the CelluClay. And even after googling it, it was hard to find anything so our review mainly has focused on the Rigid Wrap. I can tell you from the little we messed with the CelluClay, it feels like it's a mix of powdered clay and chunked up paper mache. 

My artistic daughter decided she was going to be the one to try out this new art form. I gave her the ebook to read on my computer. She decided she wanted to make a decorative bowl.

She followed the instructions on covering an existing bowl with plastic wrap. She then gathered a bowl with warm water, a roll of Rigid Wrap (which reminds you of an ace bandage or maybe what the Dr uses for casts as it has that plaster look to it). She also had a scissors handy to cut strips of the Rigid Wrap.

She cut strips of the Rigid Wrap and dipped them in water and started forming her bowl. She criss crossed them and did a good 2 layers.

She let them dry then worked on putting on the finishing edge on top and smoothing that in. Overall, the project dried pretty quickly. It took longer than what the instructions said but we simply let it sit overnight, so not a big deal.

While that all dried, she experimented with making beads with the Rigid Wrap and using a straw. She plans to paint those to let her little sisters play around with.

Once the bowl was dry, she worked on painting it. The paint went on pretty well and dried quickly.

Surprisingly we still have a chunk of Rigid Wrap yet to use. We are already researching the next project we could make something with!! Several years ago, my son made a volcano to erupt and I see you could use this to make that project.

I can definitely see using Rigid Wrap to make both history and science projects in the years to come with my kids!

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