4 Tips for Buying a Car

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With having teen drivers in the house, it was only natural that one of my twin daughters next big steps in life was to purchase their own car. This is a huge decision as they are using their own money that they saved up so of course they want to get a good car but one that is also affordable. Shopping around and buying a car is fun, but it also requires a lot of research to find the best car for you.

1. Research- This was by far the most important thing we did. I helped my daughters come up with a list of things they were looking for in a car, such as the fact that they both wanted a 4 door car. One of the best websites we found in helping us on our search was Cars.com. They have an extensive amount of information including a section with videos and reviews. You can search for new and used cars by make or body type. You can also plug in your zip code to find cars that are close to you.

2. Budget- In addition to figuring out what my daughters wanted in their cars, they also each had a specific amount in mind that they wanted to spend. They had a max amount they knew they did not want to spend over. They also took into account the fees the car sale would cost them as well as insurance. They still did look at some cars that were outside their budget knowing that there is always room to do some bargaining with the seller.

3. Shop Around- Don't go to just one place. There are many used dealers out there as well as private sales. Shopping around allows you to find the best deal.

4. Know your cars- By this, I mean research the car you are seriously looking at, especially if it is used. Know what the resale value is at based on the condition of the car. If you aren't mechanically gifted, take along someone that is so they can help inspect the car for you. My brother and dad are quite knowledgeable with cars so they came along with each of my daughters when they went to look at cars. We turned one down because my brother spotted some major oil leaks that we wouldn't have known to look for. Because of their help, my daughters both were able to purchase their cars knowing there weren't any issues. They both bargained on the price of their car and were able to pay cash for them.

Taking the time to research cars and doing some planning can help ensure you not only have fun finding the perfect car but can also help you get the best deal as well!

What are your best tips for purchasing a car?

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