God Makes All Things Right Again

I recently joined a class in my church that is specific for a situation I am dealing with in life. Sometime I will share more specifics about everything my children and I have been through but right now, rest assured God has been providing and protecting us!

I just wanted to jot some things from my workbook that I have learned this last week so I can continue to reflect on them and maybe they will help someone else so I wanted to share.

-Suffering at the hand of other people is not the end of the story. You and your children's ultimate well-being isn't fatalistically determined by someone else's mistreatment or abandonment.

-God hears the cries of His people. He understands their suffering, their pain.

-God takes an injustice in hand and is going to make that which is wrong, right.

God takes what is intended to harm us and uses it for His good! Genesis 50:19-20 I am thankful for this hope!

I was recently loaned a book to read, called "Journal of Tears" by Elizabeth Lapp. As I started the book, I realized I wanted to get my own copy that I could highlight and make notes in. So I ordered a used copy off of Amazon. Imagine my surprise when I received my copy and found that it was an autographed copy from the author!! Not only that but in the front of the cover, she wrote "wait and hope", 2 things I need daily reminders of!! What a special God wink for sure!

Another neat thing, this author is local and I was recently connected with a gal who knows her and who also shared my story with her. So sometime I might have the blessing of meeting her!

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